Polished Radiators

Adding shine and lustre to any room, the range of polished radiators currently available at Trade Radiators are ideal for those looking to lighten up personal spaces. We have some fantastic products from top brands like DQ Heating and Reina, at prices that can’t be matched. With some radiators available for under £150, you’ll be able to get designer radiators at unbeatable prices.

These radiators will look great in almost any space due to their unique finish, and with many having high BTU output, they’re reliable in larger/ hard to heat areas.

Take a look at what we currently have in stock and see if a polished radiator is the right look for your space. If you think another radiator may fit your room better, then why not browse our wide variety of radiators?

Need a different finish? Browse our other finishes here and find the right one for you today.

What does a polished radiator look like?

The surface of our polished stainless steel radiators means they go well with rooms that have a focus on gleaming fixtures and fittings, or other features that have reflective surfaces.

You can see from most of the products here that polished radiators have a lighter and sometimes more reflective style. They can sometimes be equated to looking like mirrors, but this depends entirely on the tone of the finish and shape of the radiator. We also tend to have more column radiators in stock, as opposed to polished flat panels, as they tend to look better in homes and rooms which would already have a mirror in place.

Some people would refer to polished radiators as having a similar finish to well looked after stainless steel cutlery. If you aren’t sure what finish you need, take a look at our shop by finish section, with similar looks in stock from raw metal, nickel, and copper radiators.

Do you have to clean a polished radiator?

You may think that a polished radiator will need some sort of special cleaner or wipes to keep that finish looking as lustrous and shiny as the second it comes out of the box for the first time. This couldn’t be further from the truth; in fact, you may be surprised to learn polished radiators tend to prolong the lifespan of the exterior.

Polished finishes usually require an additional coat on the radiator and more detail on the entries and where caps go. This added detail to the work reduces the risk of oxidisation you get on radiators. If you have older white radiators at home, you’ll notice the signs of rusting every once in a while when bleeding the radiator or cleaning around the bottom.

If you are looking to protect your new radiator, we recommend looking at some of the Fernox care products we have in stock.

Are there shades similar to polish I should look at?

Customers looking at polished finishes tend to prefer something that can help lighten a room. We recommend looking at our ever-growing range of copper radiators, which include some very vibrant and unique radiators from DQ Heating.  

Those looking for something a similar colour, that is less intense, should consider chrome radiators.

Which brands are known for their polished electric radiators?

Brands we think create fantastic polished radiators include DQ Heating and Reina.

DQ Heating is a UK radiator brand based in Norfolk. Just like Trade Radiators, they’re a small company who has a vested interest in all things radiators. For nearly two decades they’ve been developing a range with some products that previously weren’t a common sight in the UK. In particular, the likes of the DQ Delta Designer Polished Radiator isn’t something you have the chance to see in the UK; usually reserved for high-end designer stores. If you’d like to see more of their radiators, in an inviting number of finishes, shop the full DQ Heating range here.

Reina is well known for their bespoke designs and pushing the boundaries of the types of radiators you’d get to see in stores. We have been stocking their products for a long time now and find that every time they have a new design about to come out, it’s something we want to showcase on-site. We find their polished radiator to have a truly contemporary finish, with the small spaces between columns adding depth and allowing for a greater vibrancy.  If you would like to see more of their products, especially their slimline products, shop the full Reina range here, or view our full range of radiators available here.

What styles do polished radiators come in?

You’ll find that many of the radiators on this page would be labelled as a designer radiator. However, we try our best to provide designer style polished radiators at an excellent price for customers.

We do provide both single and double panelled polished radiators, which work great depending on how much space you have to work with and what heating requirements you need for a room. Someone looking for a striking polished horizontal radiator can do no wrong with the double panel DQ Cove Polished Stainless Steel Designer 600mm Radiator. It works very well in open-plan dining rooms and retail spaces.

Can I use these radiators as electric heaters?

This range contains all the polished radiators we have for traditional heating systems. If you’re looking for a radiator which can be used on a dual-fuel system or run independently, please look at our range of polished electric radiators.

Do polished radiators need much water?

Most of the products on this page, unless stated in the description, are made from aluminium. Aluminium radiators tend to need less water as they can conduct with a lower volume in the radiator.

How can I get a cheap polished radiator?

As part of our price promise, all the polished radiators currently on sale should be available at the best price possible when compared to other leading UK retailers. If you find the same make and model of polished radiator for a better price on another site, get in touch, and we’ll aim to match the price.

Those looking for the best deal ever on a new radiator may also want to take a look at our clearance section, where we’ll often have polished radiators featured from time to time.

Speedy delivery service

Waiting around days on end for a new radiator is never any fun, which is why we aim to get your new polished radiator delivered as quickly as possible. When checking your preferred product, you’ll find we list the average delivery times in the specification section.

In most cases, customers who order before 2 pm can expect their radiator to be delivered by the next working day.

For more information on our delivery service, please visit our delivery page.

Commitment to quality

You may notice many of the radiators in this section have at least a 10-year guarantee, with many guaranteed 25-years. We are committed to providing customers with quality at the best price possible.

Let us see your radiators

Recently ordered a polished electric radiator and think it looks fantastic now you’ve got it installed? Share your pics with us on Instagram. We love seeing our radiators taking pride of place.

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