Raw & Lacquered Metal Radiators

Very hard to come by and effortlessly stylish, we are very lucky to have this small range of raw and lacquered metal radiators in stock.  For anyone looking for a unique and truly original finish in their radiators, shop the range of raw metal radiators currently on offer at Trade Radiators.

You can see our full full selection of radiators here. Need a different colour? You can browse through our other finishes here.

Do Raw and Lacquered Metal Radiators heat a room easily?

The type of finish on a radiator doesn’t affect how well it works, but raw metal radiators with a simple lacquer finish are one of the best way to get a room warm in no time at all.

You’ll see that we show the BTU of every radiator we stock, and if you don’t know what you need to heat a room, have a quick look at our heating calculator to work out if these radiators are ideally suited for your space.

Do I need anything special for a Raw or Lacquered Metal Radiators

Fittings come as standard with every radiator purchase, although, when many people are buying this type of radiator, they would ideally want their set-up to be complimentary.

The 2-column feet supports look fantastic if you want an ornate look from your installation. Depending on the colour of the room’s existing fittings, you may want to consider buying some pipe covers to complete the look.

Can I get Raw or Lacquered Metal Radiators for my bathroom?

Vertical radiators are now a very popular choice in bathrooms, but many homes don’t have enough height for a smooth vertical installation. We suggest looking at the 2-column 1800mm tall radiator with a 2168 BTU.

If that is still is a bit too tall for your bathroom, it may be worth taking a look at some of the smaller vertical column radiators currently available.

Can I get one of these Radiators for my kitchen?

Kitchens usually have the height and size to accommodate powerful radiators and the 2-column 1800mm x 372mm radiator is ideal at helping to heat up the one room at home which people will open doors to a lot.

If you’re looking to get better control of your home heating you may want to look at our range of smart heating controls.

How can I get a Cheap Raw or Lacquered Metal Radiator?

With this type of radiator being custom made and needing a lot of attention to achieve a perfect finish, it can place it out of reach for some people’s budgets. For a similar look that’s more affordable, our cast iron radiators start at just £95 with a similarly styled finish.

If you're interested in something different, feel free to browse through our full selection of radiators.

Trade Radiators Delivery Guarantee

We know that waiting on something as important as a new radiator can cause a few headaches if it doesn’t arrive on time. That’s why we promise to get any order ready for you as quickly as possible.

Due to the custom nature of some raw and lacquered metal finishes, it may take up to 10 working days to receive an order, but we always aim to deliver it for Free well within that timeframe.

Frequently Asked Questions About Raw & Lacquered Radiators


Do Raw & Lacquered Radiators Have Lower Heat Output?

Various metals will be more conducive to heat, meaning that they will heat up and cool down faster. However, raw and lacquered metal radiators will not have poorer heat output than other kinds of radiators of the same size and style.

The type of metal the radiator chassis is made from will only determine how fast it will heat up and cool down, not the overall heat output, which is measured in BTU.

If you need to find out what BTU your room will need, feel free to use our online heating calculator.


Do Raw & Lacquered Radiators Cost More Than Conventional Radiators?

The cost of any radiator will be determined by many factors, not just the material of the chassis. The kind of heating technology, the size, and any accessories you buy, among other factors, all play a role in the total cost.

Smaller raw and lacquered radiators will cost anywhere in the range of £60 - £300, with larger raw and lacquered radiators costing anywhere up to £1000. 

For those who need larger radiators, we have various financing options available when you purchase from Trade Radiators.


Do You Offer Warranties On Raw & Lacquered Radiators?

Yes. We offer warranties depending on the brand of radiator you buy. We offer:

  • 5-year warranties
  • 10-year warranties
  • 15-year warranties