Satin Radiators

Satin radiators (sometimes also referred to as brushed radiators) are very popular right now with Trade Radiators customers. The unique finish that can be achieved from satin radiators is sleek, easy to look after and brings something extra to any room.

When you’re looking for a radiator that would be seen as a modern upgrade to an old convector you have in a room, or you want a radiator that can perform to a high standard while looking great, satin radiators might be the right type for you.

Check out the range we currently have available at Trade Radiators and purchase a high-quality radiator online with ease today.

Satin Horizontal Radiators

We find that satin horizontal radiators look best when installed against neutral walls. When you have a larger space like an office boardroom or waiting room, satin finishes help add a little character to the room, especially as some of the horizontal radiators within the range can come as tall as 400mm-500mm.

If you’re aiming to get one of these radiators for a space at home, make sure to measure out the wall space you have. The Apollo Ferrara 290mm x 1000mm Satin Radiator is a great option as well if you’re worried about wall space in a room like your kitchen but still need a good level of heat output from a great looking radiator.

Satin Column Radiators

This specific style of radiator, especially the Apollo Ferrara models, is one of the most sought after satin products we have on site. They are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and hallways and come with a 25-year guarantee on any purchase.

In houses with an open hallway, we would recommend going for a radiator like the Apollo Ferrara Satin 1800mm x 410mm. It has a tremendous BTU of 5,183, which can help a lot if your hallway has a high ceiling and sometimes feel a little chilly.

If you need a different colour or a different look to your radiator, why not browse through our full range of radiators?

Heat Generation of Satin Radiators

The range of satin radiators available at Trade Radiators are brilliant at generating heat, with high heat output keeping your home warm even on the coldest of days.

Choose from a range that has:

  • A BTU rating of between 970 - 7360
  • A wattage range of 285W – 2150W

Don’t forget to use our free BTU heating calculator to make sure you acquire the right radiator for your space.

Shop online and buy now.

Reach Out To The Radiator Experts

If you are in need of help, don’t hesitate to reach out. Trade Radiator’s team of experienced experts are more than happy to help answer any questions you may have about our products and services.

Prefer to talk on the phone? Reach us from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at 0141 225 0430.



What Makes Satin Radiators Different?

Satin is seen as a mid-sheen finish for those who are looking for something between a dull slate finish and the sheen of a highly polished radiator. Customers will choose satin when they want a smooth finish on a radiator that gives off a slight sheen so as not to completely dull down the wall it is installed against.


Are Satin and Matte Radiators the Same?

No. With satin having a brushed finish, you’re going to get a nice look when light reflects off it. If you didn’t want that, you would be looking for a radiator with a completely matte finish.

For anyone interested in matte radiators, we’d suggest having a look at our bespoke coloured radiators, where you’ll be able to get anything from a pink bathroom radiator to orange column radiator done in a matte style.


Do You Offer Warranties With Satin Styled Radiators?

Yes. We offer a minimum of a 5-year warranty with every radiator, with some brands offering up to 15 years of cover with their warranty.

Shopping with Trade Radiators means shopping with confidence.

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