Silver Radiators

At Trade Radiators we provide a range of silver steel radiators engineered to the highest standard.  There are different shapes and sizes available, so we are confident that you will be able to find a radiator that suits your needs. This selection has a range of traditional horizontal radiators and vertical radiators, as well as some unique designer styles and exciting new electric options.

Take a look at our full selection, and we guarantee you’ll find the right silver radiator for your space. And remember that all radiators ordered here at Trade Radiators come with free delivery.

We have radiators available in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes. If you can't find what you're looking for here, why not browse through our full range of radiators?

If you're interested in a different colour, then you can also view our other finishes here.

What types of silver radiators are available?

At Trade Radiators, we strive to give customers as much variety as possible. We know that every room needs a distinctive look, and that’s why we have the following styles on offer:

  • Silver designer radiators
  • Silver column radiators
  • Silver electric radiators
  • Silver heated towel rails

What shapes and styles do silver radiators come in?

Within each section, you’ll find both horizontal and vertical silver radiators. Many of the designer options stick to traditional styles, while those opting for a unique silver radiator would be best looking at some of the offset silver towel rails we have in stock.

What are silver radiators made of?

Silver refers to the finish (coating) of the radiator and not the material used. Our silver radiators will either be made from 1.5mm stainless steel or aluminium. Both work fantastically, with aluminium radiators being a premium product.

Silver Column Radiators

Within our range of silver column radiators, you’ll find we have 2,3 & 4 column radiators available. It’s best to remember that columns refer to the depth of the radiator, as opposed to length.

We recommend that you measure what wall projection you can work with before settling on a specific radiator.  Each product will also have a spec sheet detailing projections and depth depending on how many columns you choose.

Which brands are known for silver radiators?

With it being a delicate finish to get right, especially when looking at joints and corners, we only stock brands we believe in. Some of the best for silver radiators include Apollo and Trade Direct.

Apollo is a UK based radiator manufacturer we have been stocking for years now. We find that the aluminium silver radiators they produce to be of high quality and long-lasting.

Trade Direct is a special brand developed by the Trade Radiators team. We have decades of experience in the radiator world and have realised many UK shoppers don’t have as many options as other countries. That’s why we created a range of radiators at a more affordable price compared to some of the designer names in the market. You can shop the entire Trade Direct range here.

Does my silver radiator come with everything I need for installation?

We will provide all the necessary fittings for your radiators so it can be hung up without any problems. Before heading to checkout, we recommend that you also think about whether you need matching silver radiator valves or pipe sleeves to pop over pipes which may have seen better days.

If you need a different look for your radiator, then take a look at our full selection of radiators.

How quickly can I get a silver radiator?

Depending on the make and model, you can expect your new silver radiator to be delivered by next working day, or a few days at the latest. You can check when looking at a specific product what its average delivery time for customers across the country is.

You can also find more information delivery options here.