Stainless Steel Radiators

It's not often you get a radiator that looks incredible and manages to work perfectly as well. Trade Radiators is proud to have to a wonderful range of stainless steel radiators that wouldn't look out of a place in any room no matter how you've decorated it.

We have stainless steel radiators in a variety of sizes and styles to help compliment your interior and provide a contemporary look.

Want to get one for your home, need to lift a dull room, or think it would make for a unique radiator in a professional space? Take a look at the range and see if we have the stainless steel radiator you've been looking for.

What brands make good stainless radiators?

We only stock brands we believe in. That's why you'll only find a few choices here on site. Brands that we think make great stainless steel radiators include:

  • Reina
  • DQ
  • Apollo

All of the designer steel radiators available at Trade Radiators come with a 25-year guarantee; that's how high a standard these products have been made to.

What makes stainless steel radiators a good purchase?

Steel is a fantastic metal and makes for really hard working radiators. Some people prefer to spend a little more on stainless steel as it has several properties that help make a long-lasting radiator.

It is durable when hot; something you need for a high performing radiator. This helps to stop the exterior finish from becoming prone to flaking in corners or getting a slight level of discolouration around your pipe centres over time.

Minor scratches are also easier to take care of when you have a steel finish.

Getting a new stainless steel radiator quickly

We strive to get your new radiator delivered as quickly as possible, no matter where you live. That's why we aim to provide next working day delivery in mainland UK for anyone ordering a new stainless steel radiator before 2 pm.

If you have any questions about getting an order delivered or have a specific question about one of the radiators you've seen here, feel free to get in touch with the team here at Trade Radiators. We can help you find the right product for your home heating system and give advice on what accessories you might need.

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