White Radiators

White radiators used to be stuck as a traditional look. While there’s nothing wrong with that, we know that customers are looking for white radiators which have unique designs and a little personality.

At Trade Radiators, we have curated a wide variety of white radiators, which are perfect for blending with any colour scheme, design plan or room layout.

With various designs, shapes, and radiator types, customers can get a fantastic deal when shopping for white coloured radiators at Trade Radiators.

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Budget Friendly White Radiators

Anyone on the hunt for the best deal possible on a white radiator will want to visit our clearance section, where we’re continually adding new products every week. 

Alternatively, we have financing options available for our entire range.

Heat Output of White Coloured Radiators

Trade Radiators are proud to offer a comprehensive selection of white coloured radiators for all kinds of spaces. We have radiators that are able to provide heat for small and large spaces alike with:

  • A BTU range of 440 - 13900
  • A wattage range of 130W - 4075W

Purchase high-quality radiators with fantastic heat output now.

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Frequently Asked Questions About White Radiators

What Heating Technology Do White Radiators Use?

White radiators function the same as radiators of other colours. For the white radiators that we offer at Trade Radiators, we provide traditional plumbed radiators and electric radiators to suit a whole host of household needs.


What Are The Different Types Of White Radiators?

The main types of white radiators we offer at Trade Radiators consist of column radiators and convector radiators.

White column radiators come in 2-column, 3-column, 4-column, and 6-column profiles.

White convector radiators come in Types 10, 11, 20, 21, and 22, as well as double and single-panel options. We also have a low surface temperature (LST) and curved bay window options available.

We also offer white designer radiators, or if you're more interested in other types of radiators, we also offer:


Do You Offer Warranties On White Radiators?

Yes. The warranties that we offer will depend upon the brand of radiator you decide to purchase. We offer:

  • 5-year warranties
  • 10-year warranties
  • 15-year warranties