White Radiators

At Trade Radiators, we have a vast range of white steel radiators for customers to choose from. Our contemporary style of radiator will transform your home into a modern metropolis. These white steel radiators have a unique blend of function and style that will keep your home cosy and warm while giving it a unique look and feel.

Our selection of white heated towel rails and radiators can go with almost any environment, whether it’s a large sized living space or small study area.

We have a choice between horizontal and vertical radiators which are both tailored for different needs. If you are looking for one of our white steel radiators to take up unused space under the window or elsewhere in the room, a horizontal radiator may be a better fit. However, if you have lots of wall space and don’t want furniture to affect how effectively the radiator heats up your room, a vertical radiator might be a better option.

These radiators have a stylish look and will bring almost any room into the modern era.

Information about Silver Steel Radiators

Our silver steel radiators are a great pick if you’re looking for efficient powerful radiators on a budget. These radiators conduct heat very well, combine that with a high BTU output and you get an efficient radiator that can match its competitors. The silver finish also adds a touch of modernity that can uplift almost any room it’s placed in.

Calculate the size of Radiator you need

To help you calculate the size of radiator you need for your room, you need to know the BTU output needed for your room. To make this easy for you to calculate, we have created our own heating calculator which works out the amount of heat needed to heat your room.

Delivery Policy

Our white steel radiators come with a ten year guarantee along with free UK mainland delivery. On top of this, with our price match guarantee, if you find a radiator for a better price anywhere else we promise to match that price.

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