Cast Iron Radiators

Cast Iron Radiators

If you want to give your commercial or home space a more traditional or rustic edge, Cast Iron radiators are an incredible way to add this. These rust resistant radiators are available in a wide array of designs and finishes to suit your requirements and are delivered to your door, free of charge.

Trade Radiators offers a stunning selection of carefully selected and historically styled cast iron radiators all produced using the original methods pioneered over 150 years ago. 

Our cast iron radiators are all made to order and individually finished to your specification. Cast iron radiators are incredibly versatile; you can be truly imaginative with colour and style making these statement radiators a real feature, fitting in perfectly with both traditional and modern/contemporary settings and décor. 

Whether you are looking for a single feature cast iron radiator or fitting out your whole home we are confident we have something for you.... the only limitation being your imagination! 

Browse our selection below and if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us. 

  • Victorian Cast Iron Radiators
  • Edwardian Cast Iron Radiators
  • Burlington Cast Iron Radiators
  • Piccadilly Cast Iron Radiators
  • Oxford Cast Iron Radiators
  • Devonshire Cast Iron Radiators
  • Georgian Cast Iron Radiators
  • Knightsbridge Cast Iron Radiators
  • Sloane Cast Iron Radiators
  • Kensington Cast Iron Radiators
  • Regent Cast Iron Radiators
  • Montpellier Cast Iron Radiators
  • St Paul Cast Iron Radiators
  • Southbank Cast Iron Radiators

Victorian Range

If you want to add a little classic elegance to your home, look no further than our selection of incredible Victorian Cast Iron Radiators, crafted to depict the traditional styles of the late1800s. Available in 3, 4 or 7 column these radiators are perfect for any location, both home and commercial. 

Edwardian Range

Our Edwardian Range is perfect for those who take inspiration from design in Britain between 1900-1910, with colour palettes and designs which convey this image. Our Edwardian range can be delivered to your door free of charge. 

Burlington Range

Our Burlington Range, with their incredible curvaceous shape draws inspiration from its discovery in an old ballet school using ornate detailing to add an aura of elegance and luxury. 

Piccadilly Range

The Piccadilly Cast Iron Radiators range is the perfect addition for a space which needs a touch of traditional décor added, with a variety of heights and finishes available, these radiators can be suited to both large and small spaces. 

Oxford Range

Our Oxford Cast Iron Radiators are some of our most detailed available, with a larger amount of pattering than other models. These are also available in multiple sizes and derive inspiration from designs from France in the late 1800s. 

Devonshire Range

Our Devonshire Series are a great example of traditional design, with plain front and detailing on the sides these radiators are very reminiscent of times gone by. 

Georgian Range

If you love traditional stylings but don’t have too much room to implement them, why not try one of our more compact Georgian Cast Iron Radiators. Designed to reflect the Georgian design but available from very small sized, allowing them to be used in more cosy spaces. 

Knightsbridge Range

Our Knightsbridge Range of Radiators take the traditional style and strip it back to simplicity, with stunning finishes these contemporary additions are sure to finish off any room. 

Sloane Range

Our Sloane Range of radiators are also very stripped back and simple, allowing the beauty of the metal catch the eye and blow guests away. Our entire Sloane range isdelivered across the UK free of charge. 

Kensington Range

The heavily detailed Kensington Radiator was one of the most popular choices in times gone past, and continues to be very popular, adding elegance and sophistication to any room with its stunning details and statement design. 

Regent Range

If you want the greatest level of detailing on your traditional-inspired radiators, our Regent Range have even the smallest level of detail taken in to account, including small ornate detailing around the radiator. 

Montpellier Range

First produced in France in the 1890s, the floral detailing on the Montpellier Range is sure to catch the eye and elevates any room. These designs are so impressive they act not only as a radiator but as a decoration and a piece of artwork. 

St Paul Range

Continuing the theme of practical art, the St Paul Range truly is a piece of artwork, with a more traditional detailing and traditional finishing, these match any colour scheme and add elegance and opulence to any space. 

Southbank Range

Inspired by London's modern art hub, the Southbank range takes the traditional cast iron radiator and brings it to the modern day, with stunning, contemporary colours and finishes this will add a aura of design and contemporary elegance to any room. 

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