Single Panel Radiators

One of the most common and popular radiator styles you’ll get in homes and offices across the UK, the single panel radiator is traditionally designed with a humble finish and fantastic BTU level.

With over 200 single panel radiators currently available here at Trade Radiators, we’re certain you’ll be able to find the ideal radiator for any space. Whether you want a no-fuss radiator for the living room or a reliable bedroom radiator, let Trade Radiators help you get the best deal on horizontal and vertical single panel radiators.

We stock a diverse range with free delivery included. Take a look and see which would work best for you, and buy your ideal radiator today.

Heat Output of Single Panel Radiators

The heat output that our range of single panel radiators is capable of is impressive and able to heat a wide range of rooms, big and small. Trade Radiators stock radiators with:

  • A BTU range of 660 - 11100
  • A wattage range of 195W – 3260W

If you need assistance with finding out what kind of power you’ll need from a radiator, we have a handy online heating calculator that will help you make the right decision.

Purchase a high output single panel styled radiator with ease online.

Sizes of Single Panel Radiators

The extensive selection of radiators with double panels that we offer here at Trade Radiators includes all kinds of sizes for a range of spaces, such as:

No matter your sizing needs for a radiator, Trade Radiators will have the right radiators chassis for you.

Buy high-quality radiators now.

Reach Out To The Radiator Experts

If you are in need of any assistance when it comes to any of our products or services, don’t hesitate to reach out to Trade Radiator’s team of experienced experts.

We are more than happy to help you make an informed purchasing decision. You can reach us from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at 0141 225 0430.


Do single panel radiators heat a room easily?

Yes. Single panel radiators are fantastic at heating difficult spaces, especially if you are very limited in space. Single panel radiators will invariably only have one front-facing side when installed with either one or no fin attached to the back.


When looking to heat a small room like a home office, box bedroom and downstairs toilet, a single panel will work best.

Do I need anything special for a single panel radiator?

As standard, all of our radiators will come with fittings to ensure your installation goes without a hitch. If you have painted a room while waiting on the radiator and feel like the pipes or radiator valve won’t match the current décor, we do recommend looking at our range of radiator accessories. You’ll be able to get adequate pipe sleeves, robe hooks and plugs & caps.


Can I get a single panel radiator for my bedroom or living room?

Rooms like these, where space is at a premium, benefit immensely from having a single panel radiator installed. Use the filter on this page to look at horizontal single panel radiators between 300mm and 400mm tall that are suited for bedrooms.

The living room is where you can usually get away with having a longer radiator, so be sure to look at radiators that are 2000mm and wider.


Can I get a single panel radiator for my kitchen?

We don’t just do simple white radiators. Black and anthracite tones are very common in kitchens right now, with dark greys and slate being popular colours to have in modern kitchens.

Our own Trade Direct range is where you’ll find radiators like this that look great in kitchens. The Saturn, in particular, is a vertical single panel radiator with models available from £150.

Browse our full range of finishes now and find that ideal radiator for your space.


How can I get a cheap single panel radiator?

We have over a hundred single panel radiators available for £100 or less.

Stelrad and K-Rad are two brands that have some of the cheapest radiators you’ll find online. If you need a small and powerful radiator, look at the Stelrad Compact mini-range with radiators available.

Trade Radiators also offer a host of financing options to make it easier to acquire the radiators you want.

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