Slim Aluminium Radiators

If you want that great cross-section between style and practicality, you need to look no further than our range of ultra-slim aluminium radiators.

They look sleek and perfectly compliment a modern home, adding elegance to your heating. Often healing is forgotten as a purely practical necessity, but at Trade Radiators, we believe that it can also be a stylish fixture.

And don’t worry, there is no compromise on output just because of the slim design of these radiators. In fact, they provide equal to, sometimes even more heat than your standard sized radiators.

And they’ll also heat up quicker too due to their aluminium design, which will help get your rooms warm sooner and will help you cut down on heating costs.

If you're looking for another type of radiator, then why not browse our full selection of radiators? We have a wide range of sizes & colours to choose from.

Where Would I Put A Slim Aluminium Radiator?

These radiators are great additions to larger rooms, as they will heat up much faster due to the aluminium design.

With that in mind, they are well suited to a number of spaces in the home that you’ll want to heat up quickly. For example, living rooms with high roofs, hallways, and even attic conversions that are being used for office space.

Some Of Our Great Slim Aluminium Radiators

We stock an excellent selection of slim aluminium radiators that can be suited to your personal tastes and preferences.

You’ll be guaranteed quality as we only stock the top brands in the radiator industry. Here are just some of them: 

Alternatively, you can view our full selection of radiators here.

How Powerful Is A Slim Aluminium Radiator?

Slim Aluminium radiators are impressive for their size! These radiators can produce a BTU output of up to 7000. That is easily enough to effectively warm up even a wide and open space.

If you are unsure about what kind of heating output you require, have a look at our excellent BTU calculator

How Much Would It Cost?

The great thing about these radiators is that they are practical, stylish, but they don’t break the bank. The radiator itself will cost you around £500, which is a fairly standard rate for a radiator.

You can cut those prices down further with our sales and offers, and if you find a cheaper model elsewhere, you can take advantage of our price match promise

And that isn’t considering that aluminium radiators are more energy-efficent, that will offset this initial purchase cost over time.


Can I Choose My Finish?

You can choose from a range of excellent finishes that feature just some of the following best sellers:

  • Anthracite
  • Chrome
  • Polished
  • Satin
  • Matte (black & white)

Find the finish that best works with your home’s current colour scheme.

Contact Us For More

We have numerous resources such as information on our deliveries and an outline of what we are doing to help minimise our environmental impact, but if you require more specific information don’t hesitate to call us or contact us online.

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