Stainless Steel Designer Radiators

Trade Radiators has a fantastic range of stainless steel radiators that are suited to any budget. The wide range in our satin and polished finishes are just perfect if you’re looking for a radiator that will help transform your home and create that truly modern and contemporary look you’ve been after. Our stainless steel towel rails and radiators are available in variable sizes, and both horizontal and vertical layouts, to help easily fit in any living room or bathroom.

Shop the range and find the ideal stainless steel radiator for your space, with free delivery on every towel rail currently in stock.

You can view our full range of radiators if you need something in a different style

What Stainless Steel Designer Radiator brands are available?

Top brands we sell include:

  • Apollo
  • DQ Heating
  • Reina

DQ is known for having some of the most striking towel rails designs you’ll find anywhere, with satin and polished finishes that elevate any room. 

Reina also has some fantastic designs, and their Nerox range is growing in popularity with customers looking to replace traditional convector rails with something which has more character.

How can I get a cheap Stainless Steel Designer Radiator?

These may be designer names, but you don’t have to expect designer prices. At Trade Radiators, we take pride in being able to provide customers with the best price possible. That’s why our price promise guarantees you won’t get a better deal on the radiators you see here at any other UK store. 

Stainless Steel Designer Radiator for Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but if it’s the kind of room where everyone is coming and going, you’ll often find it hard to keep a good level of heat on the go.

We recommend calculating the BTU of your kitchen and then finding a suitable radiator within the range that meets those requirements. Some of the radiators on this page that would look great in kitchens would include:

If there's a particular style you're looking for, remember to check our full range of radiators to see the wide selection we have available.

Stainless Steel Designer Radiators for Bathrooms

You’ll want to maximise space as much as possible in your bathroom, and a vertical stainless steel radiator is the way to do it.  Some of the radiators currently in stock that work fantastic in bathrooms include:

Stainless Steel Designer Radiators for your heating system

All the radiators in this range are made for standard heating systems. If you would like a radiator that you can plug in, please take a look at our designer electric radiators.

Which Stainless Steel Designer Radiator is best for my space?

When looking at individual products, you’ll see that we provide precise measurements, including pipe centres and wall projection.

Please take these into account when measuring out your radiator’s location. You’ll want to make sure your radiator isn’t going to be getting in the way of shelves, pipework or skirting boards.

Can I choose what colour my Stainless Steel Designer Radiators come in?

We like to play with the advantage of these radiators being made of steel and have the following finishes by default:

  • Satin
  • Polished
  • Brushed

If there’s a particular finish you’ve been thinking about, you can always shop by colour here and find some similarly styled products. 

Helping you find the right Stainless Steel Designer Radiators

If you’re not sure what system a radiator is suited for, or what system you have at home, get in touch with our team who will help find the right stainless steel radiator for you. 

And don’t forget that all products at Trade Radiators come with FREE mainland UK delivery and at least a ten-year guarantee (most of our stainless steel models have an incredible 25-year guarantee).

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