Stelrad Everest Alto Line Radiators

The Stelrad Everest and Alto Line range of radiators bring the same understated exclusiveness of the Plan range but add subtle lines to give a very pleasing eye catching detail.

The Everest range refers to the horizontal radiators, while the Alto range refers to the vertical radiators. Both styles are available as K2 radiators / double panel double convectors for huge heat output if you have a space that needs it.

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When should you choose a Stelrad Line Radiator?

We find that these radiators are fantastic in living rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

Their minimal design lends itself to spaces where you want to keep the feel of the room spacious and modern.

You may find that the line design on the front panel also gives the radiator a more homely feel like a completely flat front panel.

Do Stelrad Line radiators take up much space?

Radiator depth is something not many people will take into consideration when purchasing a new one, but it is important to get a rough idea of how much protrusion a radiator can cause.

With a mixture of single and double panel radiators in stock, we recommend checking the specifications within each product to get a good gauge on depth. Typically, the more panels and convectors you have, the “thicker” the radiator will be.

What finishes do Stelrad Line radiators come in?

A simplistic look needs a simplistic finish. These radiators have the industry standard white gloss finish (Gloss - RAL 9016) on top.

In some cases we can provide customers with a custom finish on a radiator. We recommend looking at our radiators by colour section, or getting in touch directly to see if we can help match your colour scheme with a suitable finish.

Other Stelrad radiators we can offer are:

Do I need anything special for installation?

Every radiator we sell at Trade Radiators comes with fittings in the box so you can get the radiator hung on the wall and plumbed up in no time at all.

Is 1600mm quite tall for a vertical radiator?

This is the average height in the UK for vertical radiators. Just remember that the height doesn’t take into account the distance from the floor or pipe centres, so you’ll need to measure from there when figuring out which Stelrad Alto Line radiator would look best in your space.

Do I need different valve for this radiator?

You may notice in some of the promotional images that the radiator doesn’t have visible pipes showing. This is because the Ruvo can take corner valves from pipes which come directly from the wall.

If you have pipes which appear from the wall, rather than the floor we recommend taking a look at our range of corner radiator valves, many have finishes which complement a DQ Ruvo radiator.

What heating system can the Stelrad Line radiators be used on?

These radiators are made to be used with traditional central heating systems.

If you need to have a similarly designed radiator you can plug in rather than pipe, we do have a range of electric radiators in stock.

Find the right radiator for your room

Struggling to find the ideal radiator for your space? You can always shop for radiators by room and see if a similarly styled panel radiator is what you’ve been looking for. You can also view our full selection of radiators.

Trade Radiator’s prices can’t be beaten

We take pride in offering customers across the UK the best deals on new radiators. That’s why we have a dedicated price match promise in place. Find the same make and model of either an Everest or Alto Stelrad radiator for a better total price (including delivery) on another UK site, and we’ll match it.

Stelrad Alto Line Radiators

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