Stelrad Plan Flat Panel Radiators

For an uncomplicated and simplistic style, it is hard to look past the Plan mini-range of flat panel radiators from Stelrad. Available in a range of horizontal models at 500mm and 600mm in height, the Plan range features a flat fronted panel with integrated side and top panels.

Whether you are modernising or replacing existing convector radiators, these will bring a sleek and sophisticated appearance to any space.

Take a look at the current range of Stelrad Plan flat panel radiators we currently have in stock, and find the flat panel radiator for any room.


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How much do Stelrad Plan flat panel radiators cost?

Radiators within this range tend to start off around the £150 mark for something small like the 500mm by 600mm single panel model. The most expensive in the range would be the 600mm by 1400mm doble panel model which also has the highest BTU.

If you’re stuck with a certain budget that disqualifies some of the radiators in this range, we recommend having a look at our radiator clearance section and see what flat panel radiators we’ve just added at a better price.

What size of Stelrad Plan Flat panel radiator should I get?

Although the flat panel makes it seem like these radiators aren’t up to much, behind the scenes you’re going to find a radiator that really packs a punch in the heat department. With a BTU range of 1530 – 7649 (if you don’t know your BTU, use our heating calculator), you’ll be able to find a size that fits comfortably on any wall.

Some customers tell us they are looking to have a radiator which protrudes from the wall as little as possible. If that’s the case in your room, stick to the single panel, single convector radiators as they have a narrower depth which is listed within the product’s description.

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What colour are Stelrad Plan radiators?

All the flat panel radiators on this page have a gloss white (Gloss - RAL 9016) finish.

If you would prefer to have some colour or a metallic finish instead, take a look at all our custom colour radiator options.

What rooms best suit Stelrad Plan flat panel radiators?

There’s hardly a room these radiators don’t look great in. Many customers like to have them in living rooms where the radiator is on show (i.e. not behind the sofa) and in bedrooms where you’re replacing older convector radiators with a fresher look.

If you’re trying to get an idea of what radiators suit certain rooms best, you have the option to shop for radiators by room as well.

Do I need anything special to install a flat panel radiator?

We supply the fittings you need to install a radiator in the box with your order.

What other flat panel radiators are in stock right now?

All of the flat panel radiator we have available can be found here. We have new radiators in stock now from other leading brands including Supplies4Heat and Stelrad.

Getting your radiator as quickly as possible

We aim to get Stelrad flat panel radiators delivered to customers within 2-4 working days of an order being placed. Remember that every radiator on site comes with delivery included in the price.

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