Trade Direct Contour Radiators

A radiator style that we think works wonders when you want design to subtlety make a space look contemporary and feel fresh, contour radiators are growing in popularity just now. They seem to be a firm favourite for non-domestic use in the likes of restaurant bathrooms, bars and shops, although we think they look brilliant in minimal home hallways and kitchens.

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Take a look at the current range and see if there’s a contour radiator fit for your space.

What is a Trade Direct contour radiator?

Now more commonly associated with a makeup technique nowadays, contour radiators follow the traditional sense of the term by providing a radiator with contoured curves. It does this by having what is known as a round top approach to its design.

Many radiators will have either a flat top or be covered in a grill/panel for a straight edge. Contour radiators disregard that through their design to create quite a unique look that’s barely replicated.

Can a contour radiator heat a room properly?

With this specific Trade Direct range, you’re getting a wide British Thermal Unit (BTU) range that helps any shape or size of room. You’ll see that each radiator lists it’s average  BTU output to give you an idea of what it’s capable of. Obviously, the bigger the radiator, the easier it will heat a space.

You don’t want to get a radiator that’s too big and could see you wasting energy though. If you don’t have a good idea of what BTU your space needs, use our heating calculator to see what you ideally need. You can then filter the range down to the right size for you.

What is Trade Direct?

With decades of experience selling radiators, we thought it was time to put our knowledge to good use and specially-select a range of radiators that we believe homes across the UK are missing out on. Every Trade Direct radiator meets our exceptionally high standards and comes with at least a 14-year guarantee.

We chose this contour range in particular as we felt it was a great style not many people could afford as it is usually associated with designer brands.

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Can I get a horizontal contour radiator?

We do stock both vertical and horizontal contour radiators. With the horizontal style, you can pick a nice compact sized 500mm-600mm radiator that would look fantastic in a bathroom or bedroom.

And if you have enough wall space downstairs and feel its time to update from an old panel radiator, the 1132mm and 1340mm radiators are stand out models to have in your room. The latter size in the anthracite finish works particularly well in retail spaces; the white in offices and meeting rooms.

How long does it take to get a contour radiator?

With every order on-site, you’ll always get free delivery. With these classed as column radiators, we aim to have them delivered in 3-4 working days from when you’ve placed your order, anywhere on mainland UK.

All radiators need to be signed for when delivered, and a courier will usually deliver between 8 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday.

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