Traditional Radiators

Traditional radiators are fantastic when you want a simple design and need to keep a familiar feel in a room. Trade Radiators stocks a range of traditional style radiators that have the look of old fashioned radiators but the performance that comes from modern engineering.

Take a look at the radiators we currently have on offer to see if there’s a traditional radiator that would be ideal for your home.

What Types of Traditional Radiators does Trade Radiators Stock?

Traditional radiators fall under two distinct styles:

  • Column
  • Cast Iron

We provide a range of modern built radiators that adhere to these traditional styles.

What Brands Make Traditional Column Radiators?

Top traditional brands we sell on site include Apollo, which is great if you want a traditional column radiator. Anyone looking for a silver column radiator done in a traditional style would want to look at our name brand Trade Direct radiators, especially the 1800mm by 460mm model.

What Brands Make Traditional Cast Iron Radiators?

There are no brands in particular that specialise in cast iron radiators. You’ll see when shopping the range that each cast iron radiator has a unique design that it lends its name to. If there is a particular style of cast iron radiator you’re looking for that you can’t see here, you can get in touch with us directly, and we’ll help source it out for you.

How Can I get a Cheap Traditional Radiator?

Take a look at our Trade Direct range of radiators. It includes several column radiators that would fall under a traditional look. If you are going for an industrial look from your radiator, we do have a small range of lacquered metal column radiators that are the perfect mixture of antique design and modern sensibility. We offer those in two and three column options.

Can I Get a Custom Painted Traditional Radiator?

We do offer custom finishes on certain radiators. Any radiator you see with a colour wheel on the site has the option of a bespoke finish. You can also view our coloured radiators section to find more.

Traditional Radiators for Bedrooms

We would advise getting a traditional horizontal radiator for the bedroom. They’re a better option when you don’t have much space in the bedroom. We sell models from Trade Direct, Apollo and Delonghi that start £58 with free delivery.

Traditional Radiators for Bathrooms

It is very common now for people to want a traditional radiator in their bathroom, especially when taps and other fittings are designed to have an antique look. Some of the traditional heated towel rails we have on offer, like the Surrey and Oxford, can help add a splash of personality in the bathroom.

Traditional Radiators for Living Rooms

You always want your living room to be heated by a powerful radiator. A Delonghi three or four column radiators in a white finish will do the job and get your living room toasty in no time at all. If you’re more inclined to go for the popular slate look, the anthracite finish of an Apollo Roma may be better suited. They have models going up to 1200mm wide.

What Traditional Radiator Size is Best?

You’ll need to know a little bit about your room before deciding on which radiator to buy, and you might have noticed we list the BTU of every radiator on site. This is the measurement of heat output each product provides. If you don’t know what your room’s BTU is, we do have a heating calculator to help you out.

Trade Radiators Price Guarantee

We want to make it affordable for anyone buying new radiators, especially those on a budget. If you have purchased a radiator and found the exact make and model for a better price elsewhere online, we will match it as part of our Price Match Guarantee.