Vertical Radiators

The only way is up for many homes and offices across the UK as the use of vertical radiators in rooms is on the rise.  Seen a modern approach to radiator installation in many spaces, especially when wall space is at a premium, a vertical radiator is a fantastic idea if you’re looking for a new hallway, bathroom or kitchen radiator and don’t want to sacrifice space or have a support wall you could make use of.

Shop our range of vertical radiators today to see which works best for you, or view our full range of radiators to discover new styles.

What Types of Vertical Radiators are there?

There are three main categories our vertical radiators fall under:

Vertical radiators start at just £75 if you have a strict budget in mind.

What Brands of Vertical Radiators does Trade Radiators Stock?

Top vertical brands we sell on site include:

If you’re looking for a standout radiator, the designer DQ vertical radiators we have on offer are something else. Customers who are searching for something unique that compliments an exposed brick wall should take a look at the DQ Vela aluminium radiator in an anthracite finish.

The flat panel vertical look is also present in the Reina slimline radiator. Available in an anthracite or white finish, it looks fantastic in revamped bathrooms.

How Can I Get a Cheap Vertical Radiator?

Customers working within a dedicated budget can get a new vertical radiator for a better price when they shop the Trade Direct range. The Trade Direct vertical column radiators offer some of the best value within the vertical range, with a two column 1800mm tall radiator starting at just £90 and a 15-year guarantee that it will work for you without a hitch. You can also view our cheap radiators here.

Vertical Radiators for Bedrooms

Column radiators are ideal in bedrooms. They offer the widest range of finishes we have for vertical radiators and come in the following colours:

When getting a new vertical radiator for a bedroom, it’s a good idea to measure distance for pipes from an open door and consider plug sockets.


Do you keep other kinds of vertical radiators in stock?

We keep a huge variety of vertical radiators in stock, including:

As well as more styles available in our full selection of radiators, such as:

Vertical Radiators for Bathrooms

Convector radiators work best in the bathroom, especially if you want to install brackets to use as your radiator as a towel rail. The Trade Direct white double panel models we have look great if you want a bright décor in your bathroom, while the Apollo Milano is a powerful 1800mm radiator.

Vertical Radiators for Living Rooms

If you have a corner that would ideally suit a vertical radiator (rather than hiding a horizontal radiator behind a sofa) or live in a studio apartment and want a vertical radiator to help save space, there are 300mm wide models available on site to help heat your living room without taking up too much room.

What Vertical Radiator Size is Best?

We would advise knowing what the BTU output of your current radiator is and trying to find a vertical radiator with a similar BTU – you can narrow that down through the filter options on the side of this page. If you’re moving into a new space or your radiator doesn’t heat your space well enough, use our heating calculator to find out what BTU your room needs.

Remember to take a look at some of the styles and finishes we can offer, including:

Frequently Asked Questions About Vertical Radiators

Where Are Vertical Radiators Used?

Vertical radiators are ideal for various types of rooms in the home. If you have a room with a particularly high ceiling, a vertical radiator can help you heat the full space evenly. Stairwells are also another popular spot vertical radiators are used in, to heat the full height of the staircase.

Are Vertical Radiators Safe?

While it may seem that horizontal radiators are safer to mount on a wall, the mounts used for vertical radiators are specially designed to hold the full weight of the radiator.

Vertical radiators are perfectly safe to mount onto walls that they can fit on.

Do You Offer Warranties On Vertical Radiators?

Yes. The warranties we offer on vertical radiators will depend on the brand of radiator that you choose, however, we offer:

  • 5-year warranties
  • 10-year warranties
  • 15-year warranties

Trade Radiators Delivery Guarantee

Want to get your new vertical radiator in a hurry? Order before 2 pm, and we’ll aim to have your order ready for next working day delivery on mainland UK. Don’t forget that delivery is included in the price of your radiator.