Vertical Designer Radiators

Choosing the right vertical designer radiator for your home or business can be difficult. Luckily Trade radiators are on hand with over a decade of experience to let you know which radiators will best suit a room and perform to a high standard.

With a wide selection of radiators including vertical radiators, horizontal radiators, heated towel rails, contemporary and traditional models and more we thought we would make things a bit easier for you to make your decision by focusing on each option. By giving you the details and information about our radiators we feel you will then be in a position to make the correct choices for your own unique circumstances.

We will be looking at our great range of designer vertical radiators here and why they might be the right radiators for you.

Looking to see more styles? Browse our full selection of vertical radiators or see our full range of radiators.

Benefits of a Vertical Designer Radiator

First of all we thought we would look at the benefits that a vertical radiator might give you over a horizontal radiator.

One of the more obvious benefits of fitting a designer vertical radiator in your home would be the difference in the space that it takes up in your room. While most traditional horizontal radiators will require quite a lot of space, vertical radiators can make use of space we might not have had a use for before.

It is also a great way of ensuring your radiator isn't blocked by furniture which can also help the performance of the radiator without the heat being absorbed by the furniture. People will always want to make the most of their available floor space so furniture is often pushed to the outer edges of rooms. Because of this many radiators find themselves blocked and, though you will still feel the benefit of them you will not be getting the optimum performance which will lead to energy wastage and unnecessarily higher bills.

For older properties with higher ceilings or for small extensions, such as additional bathrooms, the vertical radiator can be a great solution for any issues you may have with space.

Bathrooms can also benefit from vertically designed towel heaters that not only heat your towel on cold winter mornings but can give the room that little bit of heat you need to help get out of the shower in the morning.

Kitchens can also benefit from the vertical radiator as space is at a premium with cupboards and work surfaces taking up a lot of the available space. Finding a radiator that takes up a minimal amount of usable kitchen space but can still deliver a great performance that heats the room is something that a lot of people are now looking for.

Stylish & Modern

Another important reason that people are becoming more interested in buying designer vertical radiators is because of their style and appearance. Interior design often used to overlook the radiators and beyond function they were often hidden away where possible. Now with a number of striking designs, radiators are actually becoming a focus points for living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Above all else, the fact that Trade Radiators designer vertical radiator options can offer fantastic performance is a great selling point. After all, who wants to own a great looking radiator that doesn't heat your home? Trade Radiators has a great range of vertical radiators and promise only the highest standards. Add to that our comprehensive guarantees and free delivery and it is an easy decision to make.

There are a number of great options available at Trade Radiators with competitive prices that you might not have expected when looking for designer vertical radiators. Your choices include:

White Vertical Designer Radiators

Traditionally a lot of homes have white radiators and if you are keen to carry on along those lines then we have some great options for including our White Nevo Radiators, White Saturn Radiators, White Ludar Radiators, White Delta Radiators and White Coneva Radiators. All of these options come in varying widths and heights and by clicking through to each one you can see how much money you can save on the recommended retail price at Trade Radiators.

Anthracite Vertical Designer Radiators

Those looking for something a bit different can take a look at our Anthracite Nevo Radiators, Anthracite Saturn Radiators, Anthracite Lunar Radiators and Anthracite Coneva Radiators which also come in a variety of styles and sizes.

If you're looking for something different, we also offer:

Black Vertical Designer Radiators

Black radiators are growing in popularity and they are often seen as a great, bold focal point of a room. Their rise in popularity in interior design has been rapid and to accommodate that you can choose from our Black Nevo Radiators, Black Saturn Radiators and Black Delta Radiator ranges.

Silver Vertical Designer Radiators

Our silver designer vertical radiators also come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer a contemporary look to a room. Choose from our Silver Nevo Radiators, Silver Saturn Radiators and Silver Coneva Radiators.

Chrome Designer Radiators

You can also get a great contemporary look from our chrome designer radiator options including the Saturn Chrome Radiator range and the Monza Chrome Radiator range. With a great number of options from size to budget, Trade radiators have it covered.

Stainless Steel Designer Radiators

The wide choice of stainless steel designer radiators at Trade Radiators will allow you to choose from polished to satin models on both vertical and horizontal styles. With such a large range of shapes and sizes we will have something that fits your needs and budget.

Aluminium Designer Vertical Radiators

Our designer aluminium vertical radiators come in a variety of styles, colours, shapes and sizes and offer great value for money making them ideal for any home no matter the budget.

At Trade Radiators we understand the importance of giving you all the information you need so if you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our customer services team who will be happy to help. Call us on 0141 225 0430 and we will make sure you are happy with any decisions you have to make when purchasing your vertical designer radiator from Trade Radiators.

Vertical Designer Radiators

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