White Column Radiators

As classic as you can get when you’re looking for a stylish radiator, Trade Radiators is delighted to provide a dynamic range of white column radiators. Made to the highest standards and guaranteed to work effortlessly, these radiators are exactly what your room will want. This range, in particular, is ideal for anyone who wants a simple and unassuming radiator that can heat as intended.

Take a look at what we have in stock right now and see if your next radiator is right here.

If you need a different kind of white radiator, then you can view our full range of white radiators. You can also browse our wide variety of radiators to find the right one for you.

Can White Column Radiators Heat a Room Easily?

Column radiators are slightly bigger than their convector or flat panel counterparts. Because of this, they have a tremendous heat output. Picking the right size will be optimal in helping you heat a space.

What Size of White Column Radiator Do I Need?

Every room is different and will need its own level of heat to be cosy. If you are decorating a new room or have no idea what the thermal output of your old radiator was, don’t worry. Using our heating calculator (linked at the top of this page), you’ll quickly know what size column radiator to choose.

What Shape do White Column Radiators Come in?

Horizontal is the most common you’ll find, and you can see there are plenty to choose from here at Trade Radiators.

Vertical white column radiators are gaining popularity in recent years for customers looking to save space in their kitchens and bathrooms.

What Brands Sell White Column Radiators?

Our top brands for this type of radiator include:

  • Trade Direct
  • Apollo
  • Delonghi

Can I Get a White Column Radiator for my Bedroom or Living Room?

In these rooms we would recommend going for a horizontal radiator unless you have limited space and a vertical model beside a sofa would work best (something very common in studio apartments).

Our name brand range of Trade Direct radiators are, in our opinion, the best choice for living rooms. We have created a range of radiators from decades of knowledge in the industry, with white radiators that are built to last, with the 300mm x 999mm & 300mm x 1177mm both fantastic living room options.

Can I Get a White Column Radiator for my Kitchen?

If you have a busy house, the kitchen can be the busiest room of all. When it’s the hub of your home, it can be prone to random stains and marks popping up on walls. When that’s the case, a white column radiator you can easily wipe down is a necessity.

Delonghi radiators have a finish that is easy to wipe down and keep clean. We recommend it when you’re buying a kitchen radiator for a busy family home.

How Can I get a Cheap White Column Radiator?

Apollo is a respected brand, and they have some of the cheapest white column radiators you’ll find online, especially if you’re searching for a vertical radiator.

We recommend their three column 1800mm x 400mm vertical radiator for larger bathrooms and commercial spaces that would be best suited to having a white radiator. This particular model has a lovely gloss finish, tremendous BTU for its size (4,640) and a wall projection of only 107mm.

We have other types of radiators available as well, such as:

We have lots of choices in our radiator range, why not browse our radiators and see which one is best for you?

Trade Radiators Price Match Promise

Radiators are a vital part of any home, but that shouldn’t mean buying one comes with added costs. When you purchase a radiator here with us, we’ll show you the total price before you buy, so there aren’t any hidden charges.

Delivery comes free as standard, and we’ll try our best to get the radiator delivered as quickly as possible. We want to be your number one source for radiators, so if you see the same make and model or radiator somewhere else for a better total price (including delivery), let us know, and we’ll match it.

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