Radiator Valves Offered by Trade Radiators

Trade Radiators provide an unrivalled selection of radiator valves. From modern to traditional, copper to chrome, thermostatic to manual, no matter what type of radiator installation you have, we’ll have a set to suit your requirements. All our valves come with extensive guarantees and free delivery. 

You will find everything from valves, towel hangers and hooks here and you can always get advice on certain maintenance aspects from the team. Here at Trade Radiators, we try to make sure you can get everything you will need as quickly as possible and help you save money in the process. 

Take a look at our current stock and we’ll help you find the ideal radiator valve.

What types of radiator valves are there?

The type of radiator valves you need depends on a number of factors like location, pipe entry and what you want your valve to do.

Types of radiator valve we stock would include:

  • Thermostatic
  • Manual
  • Angled
  • Corner
  • Straight
  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Dual-fuel

What is the difference between an angled and corner radiator valve?

It is important to know the difference between angled and corner valves so you don’t make the mistake of buying the wrong type and delaying installation.

Most of us will have our pipes coming out of the floor and will need the valve to make a 90° connection with the radiator. If that’s the case for you, then a simple angled valve is what you’re looking for.

Corner valves are needed when your pipes come directly from the wall (not floor) and you need to make a horizontal 90° connection.

Should I buy a thermostatic or manual radiator valve?

It all comes down to control. If you just want your radiator to come in and work at maximum efficiency, a simple manual valve does the job. When you want to control the level of heat your radiator provides a room, a thermostatic valve is your best bet.

What finish should my radiator valve be?

You’ll want a radiator valve finish to match or compliment the radiator you’re installing. For example, a white radiator may not look right if you have black valves, and vice versa.

We provide radiator valves in the following finishes:


  • Anthracite
  • Chrome
  • Copper
  • Satin
  • White
  • Nickel
  • Brass
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Pewter

Take a look at all our radiator valves by finish to compare the different colours and see which works best for your radiators. 

Do I need radiator pipe sleeves?

Pipe sleeves are for anyone who wants the radiator installation to look complete and as clean as possible.

Many customers find that the pipes from the floor are hard to clean, or get paint off of, and these sleeves provide a simple go around to having them look new without getting any pipework done.

What brands make the best radiator valves?

There are two main brands we trust when it comes to reliable valves: West and Trade Direct.

West is a brand we have been stocking for years now and believe they make incredibly high-quality products for a great price.

Trade Direct is a brand the team at Trade Radiators created to give customers access to valve designs not frequently available in the UK.


Do radiator valves come in different sizes?

The standard measurement for pipes in the UK is 15mm, and your radiator most likely will need valves that size.

Some installations though will require different sized valves. That why we stock the following radiator valve sizes:

How do I know which valve to buy?

There’s no need to get confused or overwhelmed by the number of valves available. Before buying a product, we recommend reading our guide to choosing the right radiator valve. It covers everything from size and entry type to pipework and finishes.

What other accessories would I need?

It all depends on the look of your radiator installation and what you need your radiators to do for you.

If you visit our radiator accessories section, you’ll find products like feet supports, radiator plugs, robe hooks and wall stays; all helping making every installation unique. 


What about column radiator valves?

Column radiator valves are some of the most common types of radiator valves around and are imperative to the operation of your column radiators.

The type of radiator you have will determine the kind of valve you will require as different types of column radiators will require valves of different sizes, shapes, and structures. Some radiators will need valves that are curved, others will need straight valves. Certain radiators will be able to use thermostatic valves whereas others may need traditional valves.

Column radiators are no different. It is vital you know what column radiator you have in order to get the right valve for your situation.

What column radiator valves do Trade Radiators stock?

In addition to thermostatic radiator valves for column radiators, we also offer:

Traditional Radiator Valves; these traditional radiator valves have the charm of a traditional aesthetic with the benefit of being newly constructed. Replace those older valves with something that sticks to your traditional style.

Modern Radiator Valves; for a more chic style, these contemporary valves are ideal for those forging their house into a modern dream home. From sleek greys to matte blacks and even pristine whites, we have plenty of choices for the modernists out there.

Manual Radiator Valves; for those that want to keep their heating system streamlined and want to keep it all simple, these valves are ideal. No fancy technology. Just good, old fashioned radiator valves as they’ve always been, just with some updated aesthetic options available.

Find the right radiator and valve for your space

Have a room with a certain size or shape, and you’re not sure what valves would fit in given the layout?

You can always shop for radiators by room and see if a particular radiator works in your bathroom, kitchen, hallway or anywhere in the home, before finding valves which will match.