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How To Pick The Perfect Radiator
Glossary of Central Heating Terms
Glossary of Central Heating Terms
A helpful list of common terminology used when talking about radiators and heated towel rails. There is a lot of jargon in the heating industry so this regularly updated article should be really...
A Guide to Electric Radiators
A Guide to Electric Radiators
Discover the future of efficient and convenient heating with electric radiators, as we delve into their benefits and features that make them a popular choice for modern living.
A Guide to Cast Iron Radiators
A Guide to Cast Iron Radiators
Cast iron radiators have a timeless charm, combining classic design with efficient heat distribution that adds both warmth and character to your living spaces.  Read on
A Guide to Dual Fuel Towel Radiators
A Guide to Dual Fuel Towel Radiators
Dual fuel towel radiators offer the convenience of being powered by both your central heating system and electricity, allowing you to enjoy warm towels year-round, independent of your heating...
What's the difference between Compact, Round Top & Seam Top Radiators?
What's the difference between Compact, Round Top & Seam Top Radiators?
There are different types of convector radiators, with Compact convectors being the most common. But seam top and round tops used to be the most common radiator installation in the UK. Sounds...
The ultimate guide to choosing a heated towel rail
The ultimate guide to choosing a heated towel rail
Putting a heated towel rail is one of the most common additions to a bathroom or kitchen. But what colour, size and finish should you choose? In our comprehensive towel rail guide, we go through it...
The Top 5 High Output Vertical Radiators
The Top 5 High Output Vertical Radiators
Make the most of upward space by installing some high heat output vertical radiators. Vertical radiators are great if space is limited and we show you the ones that kick out the most heat.
Our top 5 radiators for wide spaces
Our top 5 radiators for wide spaces
For those with large houses, spaces or rooms, a common issue is finding a radiator of an adequate size to fill the wall and heat the space. We discuss the widest radiators in our catalogue here.
Benefits of Aluminium Radiators
Benefits of Aluminium Radiators
Aluminium is the perfect material for radiator construction because it is such a good conductor of heat. Find out what this means for your energy bills and some additional benefits.
VIDEO - View all the colours in our cast iron radiator range
VIDEO - View all the colours in our cast iron radiator range
Cast iron radiators are a thing of beauty and we can supply them in a range of stunning colours. In this video, James the plumber discusses each time of timeless colour in detail.
Our top 5 most efficient aluminium radiators
Our top 5 most efficient aluminium radiators
Aluminium radiators are a very efficient way of heating your home due to their being a great conductor of heat. Read more about the benefits of aluminium and the range we have on our website.
A Guide to Towel Radiators
A Guide to Towel Radiators
Welcome to our comprehensive guide providing you with everything you need to know about heated towel rails. We'll cover the whole process of choosing, buying and installing a heated towel rail, so...
A Guide to Bathroom Radiators
A Guide to Bathroom Radiators
If you're looking for information on Bathroom Heating, then you will find it here. Visit our website today to read more or view our wide range.
Do heated towel rails need thermostatic valves?
Do heated towel rails need thermostatic valves?
Thermostatic valves are a great way of making your heating perform more efficiently. However, we loo at why you might want to leave a TRV off of your heated towel rail.
Are radiator valves universal?
Are radiator valves universal?
The standard size of radiator valves in the UK is 15mm and this is what is needed in a vast majority of homes. However there are some exceptions, so it's always worth double checking. We give you a...
Do you have any example photos of your products installed in customers' homes?

Yes. If you're looking for interior design inspiration or just want to see a radiator in its natural setting, you can see a wide variety of our customer-submitted photos on Pinterest or Instagram

Trade Radiators Pinterest Page

Trade Radiators Instagram Account 


What if I have a question after I order?

We pride ourselves on having an excellent after-sales customer service, so if you have any questions about your order, please get in contact with our helpful and knowledgeable customer service team as soon as possible. We can be contacted on info@traderadiators.com or 0141 225 0430. Lines are open 8.30am - 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Please just quote your postcode to enable us to locate your order.

What are your T&Cs?

We take customer service very seriously and are dedicated to providing the best possible ordering and purchase experience as possible. We are bound by the Consumer Contracts Regulations, which implement the Consumer Rights Directive in UK law, and these apply to all purchases you make on TradeRadiators.com. 

You can read our full terms and conditions by following the below link:

View the Terms & Conditions

Do the prices displayed on the website include VAT?

All prices displayed on TradeRadiators.com website are inclusive of VAT. If a VAT receipt is required please let us know and we can email or post one out.


Do you have a showroom?

We are an online company and although our office is a great showcase for some of the products we sell it is not a showroom.


Can you send me a brochure?

As our range is constantly being added to, it's problematic to keep a brochure up to date. To keep abreast of new products and details, please keep an eye on our website. In the case of the cast iron radiators though; please call or email and we can post out a hardcopy brochure or email a digital version through.


How can I contact you?

The easiest means of contact is by email to info@traderadiators.com, alternatively, we can be reached on the phone 8:30-5:30 Monday to Friday on 0141 225 0430. Should you wish to write to us please do at Trade Radiators Ltd, 82 Mitchell Street, Glasgow, G1 3NA.


What guarantees do the products come with?

Each product advertised states the guarantee period on the listing. The guarantee is generally governed by the material of the product. In the main chrome and cast iron radiators have a 10 year guarantee, powder coated mild steel products have a 15 year guarantee and stainless steel and aluminium products have a 25-year guarantee. There is no need to send off a form to validate your guarantee; proof of purchase is all that's required.


What is your mission statement?

To provide all of our customers with excellent value for money, offering the best quality products at the lowest prices. We have built very close relationships with a range of manufacturers, enabling us to pass on low prices to our customers.

We have a dedicated and helpful customer service team who are, not only knowledgeable about the products we sell, but also sympathetic to overall interior design plans and current trends. This means that you can have confidence when ordering from us, safe in the knowledge that you will be receiving quality products as we as a very high standard of customer service. 


Who are Trade Radiators?

We are a small but well-established company, which has been trading online since 2004. We operate out of our own offices in central Glasgow and we have a dedicated and knowledgeable team of staff who are available to answer any questions you may have. 

To read more about the history of Trade Radiators and to have a sneak preview inside our office please follow the below links:

BLOG - Trade Radiators Ltd - A Tale Of Entrepreneurship

BLOG - A look inside the Trade Radiators office!


Are you a Living Wage employer?

Yes, we are proud to have been officially recognised as a Glasgow Living Wage Employer and can legitimately display the Living Wage Employer Mark to show our participation.The UK Living Wage is a voluntary hourly rate calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK, which enjoys cross-party support due to it affording people the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families.

We have a fantastic team of employees at Trade Radiators and the work they do is absolutely fundamental to the success of the business and our ability to provide a first-class service. We believe in looking after the welfare of our employees and and are full supporters of the Living Wage initiative, even if it does embody concepts we were already engaging in prior to its introduction! 

To read more about this please see the below article:

BLOG - Trade Radiators recognised as a Glasgow Living Wage Employer


What is the Trade Direct line?

Trade Direct is our economical brand of radiators and heated towel rails, offering the highest quality products for fantastically low prices. We are able to offer these products at such low prices because of our unique relationship with the manufacturing factories, cutting out the middlemen and allowing us to pass the excellent prices onto our customers. All of our Trade Direct products are manufactured to EN442 standards and come with comprehensive guarantees and free delivery. Our Trade Direct brand has replaced our previous 'Own Brand' range of products.

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Making Your Selection

We recommend the following when looking for the perfect radiator:


  • Consider the size of the room, as larger spaces will likely require radiators with a higher heat output or maybe even multiple radiators in some cases. If unsure, try our heating calculator, which will help narrow down your search.

  • If the available wall space is minimal, consider a vertical radiator to maximise this, or even look at the spaces under windows if that is an option.

  • If you're looking for a specific aesthetic, there are various styles and colours available that will match in with your interior.

  • Efficiency is also a key factor, especially when it comes to keeping a handle on heating bills, so look for energy-efficient models that save both energy and money; these are often aluminium, low-water-content radiators.

  • Additionally, explore practical features such as smart heating options or dual-fuel towel radiators for bathrooms, so you can dry towels through the summer without having to turn the heating on.

  • With consideration for the above, you can confidently make a selection that best utilises space, complements your decor, and meets your heating requirements.
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