Aladdin Radiator Parts & Accessories

Here at Trade Radiators, we are quite particular about the brands we stock, especially when it comes to the accessories you need for radiators to work perfectly. That’s why we handpick brands like Aladdin for their great range of venting solutions.

If you’re looking to take the hassle out of venting/bleeding radiators, Aladdin may have the solutions you need.

What Aladdin radiator accessories do I need?

First and foremost, Aladdin helps when you are looking to improve water circulation in your central heating. Their autovents work by sealing themselves off anytime air expels from a radiator. They can come in very handy, especially on older central heating systems where you would be worried about cold radiators or airlocks. 

What sizes do Aladdin radiator parts come in?

We provide Aladdin vents and caps in the standard ½” BSP in a chrome finish. We also have a micro autovent in 1/8 - ¼” BSP.

How long do Aladdin radiator accessories work?

The majority of products in this section come with a 5-year manufacturer guarantee on the product. You’ll be able to see exact dates within each product page.

If you have an existing radiator with an older Aladdin vent that has seen better days, we do have replacement cartridges available.

Will these vents help prevent corrosion?

Aladdin radiator parts will help remove unwanted air from your central heating system as standard. If you want to ensure radiators are in tip-top shape, you may want some Fernox heating products, especially their F1 Protector.

Quick delivery on Aladdin radiator accessories

Trade Radiators provides fast delivery on all orders. If you need an Aladdin autovent in a hurry, choose from Next Day Delivery or Within A Week delivery options on the left side menu.

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