Anthracite Electric Radiators

Are you on the hunt for a new grey & anthracite grey electric radiator? Here at Trade Radiators, we have a handpicked selection of some of the best quality radiators available, all at the best prices.

Grey & anthracite grey electric radiators are quickly becoming one of our best-sellers due to their stunning colour elevating the interior design of any room and the simplicity of fitting them without any intrusive or challenging work. If you’ve been looking for an ultra-modern finish from a new electric radiator, this range could have precisely what you need.

Browse our selection of grey & anthracite electric heaters below and rest assured that the price you see is the best price available.

What does a grey & anthracite electric radiator look like?

Grey & anthracite grey is a trendy finish for radiators. Unlike a traditional white radiator, which would have a glossy finish on top to give off some sheen, grey & anthracite tends to have more of a matt style finish.

If you can’t quite tell from the images, most radiators in the range have a RAL 7016 finish. You can find the exact shade by clicking through to any product.

Do you have to clean a grey & anthracite radiator?

Grey & anthracite electric radiators can be looked after just like your other radiators. Apart from some dusting/ cleaning with a cloth when you need to, there is no need for special coatings or aftercare on your part.

Are there shades similar to grey & anthracite I can have?

Grey shades are growing in popularity, especially in kitchens and commercial spaces which prefer neutral tones and slate. If you are looking for a more intense finish, black electric radiators can do the job. And if you want to mix the depth of grey with a greater sheen on the finish, a black nickel electric radiator might be a viable option.

Which brands are known for their grey & anthracite electric radiators?

It used to be that it was tough to find grey & anthracite electric radiators, but demand across the UK has seen more brands developing their products for this finish.

Some of the top-rated brands we have in stock include:

Trade Direct

A special brand developed in-house at Trade Radiators, Trade Direct aims to bring designer style electric radiators at a more affordable price. Some notable products in stock include the Trade Direct Aphex Bar Aluminium Rail and Trade Direct Avon Traditional Towel Rail.

DQ Heating

When you’re looking to match traditional column and panel radiators with a truly modern approach, DQ Heating does the job. We find that many customers are looking for grey & anthracite electric radiators when updating extensions and living rooms. Products like their DQ Vela Designer Radiator, Anthracite, (600mm x 367mm) and DQ Peta 3 Column Radiator, Anthracite, (492mm x 761mm) are great in these situations.


Well-known for its towel rails and variance in tone, Lazzarini is one of the best towel rail brands we have in stock at Trade Radiators. Their electric heaters provide the same level of heat output, which is quite remarkable when looking at some of the smaller products they make.


Pisa is a great choice when you have the best deal possible on a designer electric radiator. They provide the traditional towel rail design with their straight rails, some of which get up to 1600mm tall.

What styles do grey & anthracite electric radiators come in?

We want to give customers as much choice as possible when selecting their ideal grey & anthracite towel rail. That’s why we have products available in the following styles:

  • Column
  • Curved Ladder Rail
  • Traditional
  • Designer
  • Straight Ladder Rail

Can I program an electric radiator?

The level of control you have on your electric radiator will vary from product to product. Some of the brands in this range have manually operated radiators as standard, while others will have a smart thermostatic element included with the product.

In these instances, the element works just like a thermostatic radiator valve to provide a greater level of control. If you want your grey & anthracite radiator to come on in line with other radiators in the home, our smart heating solutions may provide the solutions you’re looking for. This includes thermostats which can be controlled via mobile apps.

Do grey & anthracite electric radiators need water

Grey & anthracite electric radiators use thermodynamic fluids to work, with an internal element raising the temperature. Therefore, your electric radiators will not need water. This has the added benefit of never needing to bleed your radiators.

Ordering electric radiators like those you see here can take an extra day or so, due to the filling process.

Speedy delivery service

Every product will list the average delivery time to get anywhere in Mainland UK. In many instances, customers who order before 2 pm can get their new electric radiator at their door by the next working day. Remember that delivery is always free when you order at Trade Radiators.

You can find more information regarding delivery or electric radiators on our delivery page.

Need a question answered right now?

Please visit our contact page if you have a specific question about the products featured on this page. Our team are happy to help you find a specific style of radiator or match your new radiator with the best accessories.

Share your lovely new grey & anthracite radiators

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