Black Electric Heated Towel Rails

Towel rails were once just a practical matter for bathrooms, and they provided a useful storage solution for your towels while keeping them comfortably warm and dry. 

Now, almost just as important is that they are stylish, and it's a good thing you're here because we've got some of the most elegant, chic, and efficient towel rails in the country. There is something for every bathroom, no matter the size, from small tracks under the window to sophisticated glass panel heaters.

Why Go For Black Electric Towel Rails?

When you think of electrically heated towel rails, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a shiny chrome heater with a polished finish. This may be the ubiquitous bathroom heater but we’ve found that black electric towel rails are really taking off in a big way. 

The black and bold look creates a flawless aesthetic that exudes sophistication. If you're looking for a heater that will look good in almost any room, a black towel rail is just the ticket. They are exceptionally versatile in complementing interior designs and will perfectly complement all of the other fixtures in your bathroom. How? Because black never goes out of fashion and therefore can be paired with almost anything!

Exceptional Design

Remember that, unlike shiny chrome, you won’t see water and fingerprints so readily on a black unit. We have black towel rails in various sizes and designs. You can have both fashion and warmth at the same time.

 The towel dryer is there primarily to have you at your best comfort in your bathroom. But it sure doesn’t harm that it’s a stunning work of art that you get to hang your towels on.

Our Fashionable Black Electric Heated Towel Rails

Black towel rails are great for earth-toned bathrooms, especially when paired with stone tiles, as they can help create a relaxed and calming feeling. An added benefit of black towel rails is that they're slightly more efficient than chrome, as their powder-coated finishes are less insulating. 

It's not a big difference in efficiency but it’s a nice little bonus, though, if you choose a black electric towel rail. Black towel rails that we can recommend are, for example, the Reina Fondi Towel Rail and the Reina Jesi Towel Rail.

Get The Perfect Design For You

While the difference between curved and straight bars is minor, each user has their preferences. 

Traditional straight bar design towel rails have a linear aesthetic that looks good in minimalist bathrooms and spaces with a clean design. 

On the other hand, curved bars appear softer and create a sense of elegance and luxury. If you want your bathroom to look more glamorous, a curved towel rail helps to create an elegant bathroom look. 

There can also be practical reasons for choosing a curved towel rail. The larger surface area per rod means curved towel rails radiate a little more heat. With their rods bent further away from the wall, they can also accommodate plumper towels.

Efficiency with elegance

Before buying, it is imperative to know that your towel warmer will meet your environmental demands. Remember. If you buy a towel rail, remember that buying one that’s too powerful for the room it’s in will almost certainly nullify whatever green credentials the towel rail had. Always buy a towel rail that is recommended for the space you’ve got. 

Spoilt for choice? Ask us for help!

We’re here to help you find the right towel rail that elevates the look and style of your bathroom, and also provides great energy efficiency. 

Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to talk about your options and find the right towel rail for you. Oh and don't forget our Price Match Guarantee, which says we’ll do our best to  match any quoted price on the same item from another UK retailer.

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