Black Nickel Electric Radiators

It can sometimes be challenging to find a reliable black nickel radiator at the best of times, let alone an electric model. Trade Radiators is helping customers across the UK get the radiators they need with our range of black nickel electric radiators.

These electric radiators are great when you’re looking for the ultra-modern look of a darker radiator but still want some soft sheen that only a lacquer finish can provide. And with them adapted for independent use, it’s a radiator that you simply need to plug in and let get to work unencumbered.

Take a look at the current range and see if there’s a black nickel electric radiator which could be the right fit for your room.

What does a black nickel electric radiator look like?

When most people think of black radiators, they envision a dull and deep colour on the rad. This isn’t the case when opting for black nickel. It’s not a common finish so has something a little more exclusive and special about it.

What are black nickel radiators made of?

Black nickel radiators are made from 1.5mm Steel. Most radiators, regardless of finish, tend to be made from steel.

The “nickel” refers to the style of finish applied to the radiator.

Do you have to clean a black nickel radiator?

The lacquer finish means you’ll have a low-maintenance radiator on your hands. Apart from dusting every so often, there shouldn’t be any reason for a special cleaner or varnish.

Are there shades similar to black nickel I can have?

If you’re looking for a straight black option, we recommend our black electric radiators. They have more of a slate/ dusted finish. Anyone who likes the lacquered look and wants a radiator with some character should take a look at our copper electric radiators.

Which brands are known for their black nickel electric radiators?

DQ Heating would be the leading brand we stock in this range. Their attention to detail in their finishes, especially around corners and entries, makes for a fantastic high-quality product.

You might find a suitable designer option by checking out their full range here.

What styles do black nickel electric radiators come in?

You’ll find most of this range to include column radiators. If there is a specific shape you’ve been trying to find, shopping by style will highlight some of the best electric traditional, vertical and panel radiators we have to offer.

Can I program an electric radiator?

A lot of these radiators will have a smart control accessory included. This is inserted in position of a thermostatic valve to allow for users to control their radiator right down the specific degree; ideal when looking at an electric radiator which acts independently of your central heating system.

We do recommend looking at some of our smart heating solutions if you’re interested in updating how you can control the temperature in heating systems throughout your home or office.

Do black nickel electric radiators need water

With it being an isolated unit, some people think that an electric needs to be fed water before it can work. This is not true.

Electric radiators like the ones you see here will have a filling inside. It reacts to the heating element when turned on and moves around the electric rad just like hot water would.

Fast and Free Delivery Service

Remember that every radiator you’ll find at Trade Radiators comes with free delivery on the product, and all radiators come with appropriate fittings for standard installation. 

You can find more information on our delivery page.

Have a question about black nickel electric radiators?

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