Infrared Electric Radiators & Heating

Trade Radiators have a varied range of infrared radiators available, making for a great alternative heating solution.

These popular panels will go well in any home, or any outdoor space, and will bring a modern look to the room it is placed in. Take a look at what is currently in stock and see if your next radiator is going to be a new infrared panel.

What are electric infrared radiators?

When you think of (and look at) a radiator, you’re not actually looking at a heater which radiates heat around a room. You’re looking at a heater which relies on a small degree of thermal radiation in the radiator to convect heat around a room. This is the basic principle of using a radiator in the home.

When someone would want their heat to be delivered directly at someone facing the source, they would want it from a source like infrared. Electric infrared radiators use electric to vibrate surrounding molecules, which release energy in the form of heat. This then heats the target space direct as heat molecules push in that direction.

What is the advantage of having an infrared radiator?

A big reason these units are so popular is the lack of maintenance they require. Compared to traditional radiators which need an extensive pipe network, these infrared radiators only require a wired connection, be that through the wall of just be plugging into a socket.

These radiators also help users saving on heating bills as it relies solely on electric to work.

Do infrared radiators need water?

No. The panels inside the radiator only rely on the movement of molecules to work.

What does an infrared radiator look like?

The most significant advantage we find users love with infrared heaters is that they can hide in plain sight. You’ll notice that the majority of products in stock look nothing like radiators, with some commenting on how the sleek white and black panels could be mistaken for a decorative piece.

We even have unique products like the Yandiya infrared mirrors with LEDs. They’re becoming popular for customers who want a heating solution in their bathroom but would prefer to save space usually taken up by a clunky radiator in an awkward location.

Can infrared heaters be used outdoors?

Some models are made for outdoor use. The likes of the 1800W Yandiya Infrared Blade Bar Heater is a common sight in outdoor waiting areas and beer gardens.

Which brands are known for their electric infrared radiators?

Top brands we have in stock include:


The leading brand in this area. Yandiya are the pioneers of infrared heating for domestic use. They make a mixture of practical products like their infrared High Output heaters, and exciting aluminium curved panels in black and white.


Towelrads arguably have the most unique and exciting infrared heaters you’ll find online. Their glass designer radiators are a perfect for contemporary spaces as they completely eschew what you’d expect a radiator to look like. Many customers also buy their products for meeting rooms and waiting areas.

What are infrared heaters made from?

With the versatility of this technology, you’ll find that infrared heaters can be made from a variety of materials. With the likes of the mirror heaters we have in stock, the heating element sits behind inside the mirror.

This is why you’ll sometimes see many of these radiators being made of glass.

How do you control an infrared radiator?

Without a thermostatic valve sticking out the side, some people may think these heaters work like magic. We wish that were the case, but most infrared radiators come with a remote so you can get a space just the way you want it.

Are electric infrared radiators hard to install?

Some of the outdoor models and heaters which need to be hung from the ceiling may require some work to install. In most cases, panel heaters are hung just like regular radiators, while the infrared mirrors can be hung on any wall just as long as they’re connected to an electrical supply.

See more electric heating options

If you’re looking to change your existing system and go electric, our electric heating range is where you’ll find all the latest electric products from trusted brands, and deals you’d come to expect when shopping with Trade Radiators.

Trade Radiators delivery service

You’ll be excited when ordering a stylish new radiator from this infrared section, and we know you don’t want to be waiting around for days on end. That’s why we’ll aim to deliver your order as quickly as possible. In some instances products are sent on next working day delivery (usually when ordered before 2 pm), and you will receive an email of expected delivery times when your order is ready to ship.

You can find more information on our delivery page.

Have a question about infrared radiators?

Don’t have a clue about infrared heaters? Visit our advice section, where you’ll find articles on using this type of radiator for the first time.

If you have any questions about a specific product you’ve seen on this page, leave a message on our contact page, and we’ll be in touch. 

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