Raw & Lacquered Metal Electric Radiators

Raw & lacquered metal electric radiators combine an industrial, pared-back appearance with cutting-edge configuration.

Electric radiators with a raw & lacquered metal finish warm a space efficiently whilst adding an enigmatic hint of industrial splendour. Explore our range and you will find no shortage of attractive options to match your discerning tastes.

The designs are based on the iconic column radiator look in a number of colours and finishes, all assembled in the UK.

Trade Radiators supplies raw & lacquered metal radiators that will meet the needs of modern consumers. The underlying material is mild steel styled with a raw metal colouring to mimic the looks of various metals.

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Our Range of Raw & Lacquered Metal Electric Radiators

The expertise of Trade Radiators delivers for the varying needs of modern consumers. You deserve a heater for your interior space that matches your style preferences and heats efficiently with cutting-edge technology.

With Trade Radiators, the raw & lacquered metal finishes give you a range of metallic looks to choose from. The traditional column radiator aesthetic is manipulated into a modern style, with colours and finishes that mimic copper, iron, brass and more. We have something for every need.

The Trade Radiators BTU calculator gives you a tool to measure the heating power your space truly requires. Our range can meet all needs with outstanding efficiency. You will also discover generous manufacturer guarantees for peace of mind with every purchase. Delivery is free to the UK mainland and we always get it to you as quickly as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Raw & Lacquered Metal Electric Radiators

Why Do I Need a Raw & Lacquered Metal Electric Radiator?

Raw & lacquered metal electric radiators possess a versatile aesthetic that can be applied to traditional, industrial and contemporary interior design styles. They perform efficiently and are a popular choice for discerning modern buyers.

Are There Different Styles Of Raw & Lacquered Metal Electric Radiators?

Our raw & lacquered metal electric radiators come in a modern twist on traditional column radiators. The material is steel, but the look can be manipulated with different colour choices to match your surroundings. Explore the full range today.

Do You Sell Raw & Lacquered Metal Electric Radiators With WiFi Connectivity?

Yes, WiFi connectivity is possible with many electric units. See the individual product specifications for more information on how this works.

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