Satin Electric Radiators

Satin electric radiators provide a unique finish with the versatility of a heater that can be used immediately on electric systems. Homes and businesses across the UK are choosing electric radiators like these when they want a unique looking radiator to compliment a contemporary interior.

We stock a range of satin electric radiators from top brands, including one of the leading names in designer radiators, at prices that can’t be matched from other UK retailers online. Whether you’re looking for a horizontal satin radiator which can heat a room quickly or want a new vertical radiator that can tackle problem spaces that just don’t get as warm as you want, you’ll find it here at Trade Radiators.

Take a look at the satin electric radiators currently in stock and see if we have the right electric radiator you’ve been looking for.

What does a satin electric radiator look like?

Satin finishes take a lot from their name. Radiators like these will have a smooth look thanks to the brushed finish applied. It can be hard to achieve this finish depending on the type of radiators and materials involved, and we’re lucky that many of the products on this page have a smooth looking coat on top.

It has more of a matt finish than a glossy one, which works well when you need muted tones from your radiator and décor. If you wanted a darker tone with more of a glossed finish, we recommend looking at our black nickel electric radiators or polished electric radiators.

Do you have to clean or maintain a satin electric radiator?

Satin radiators can be looked after and cleaned just like a standard radiator. You’ll only ever need to dust and wipe a satin radiator the same as traditional radiators around the house.

Remember too that electric radiators are a closed unit and don’t need to be bled or rebalanced every few months.

How do satin electric radiators work?

Satin electric radiators use an internal heating element and reactive fluid to work as a traditional radiator. When you turn an electric radiator on, the element will get hot and cause the fluid to react in such a way that is expanding. The fluid expands throughout the radiator in a similar fashion to hot water in a standard radiator and helps draw air in the room through to heat up.

Which brands are known for their satin electric radiators?

We have a few brands which are in stock from time to time, but the leading branding selling satin electric radiators would be Reina.

Reina is a highly recognised UK brand which specialises in designer radiators. We find that their quality, especially with the electric models you see here, is unmatched. Many of the products on this page made by Reina come with a 25-year guarantee on the radiator.

You can view all of Reina’s radiators, for both traditional and electric heating systems, at our Reina range here.

What styles do satin electric radiators come in?

Most of the radiators you’ll see on this page come in the traditional column style, in both horizontal and vertical models. Some of the smaller 600mm horizontal models are fantastic options if you’re looking for a radiator you can place in an extension or box room that isn’t connected to your pipes.

Do electric radiators have timers?

As electric radiators are standalone, it can take a little time getting used to having it on and knowing what to do. Most of the products on this page will come with a simple manual valve or electronic thermostatic valve for greater temperature control on the internal element.

You do have the option of getting a smart meter and controlling everything in such a way that your radiator will be programmed to come on and off at the same time as other heaters around the house. We recommend looking at some of our smart heating controls, which includes smart hubs and thermostats for greater control.

Are satin electric radiators hard to install?

As long it is near a socket or can be wired in like a plug, electric radiators are much easier to install than their traditional counterparts. They won’t need to be plugged in (i.e. stuck to a designated area of the wall) or need balanced for your system.

Remember that Trade Radiators will supply the relevant fittings in the box so you can hang the radiator to the wall as expected.

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You can find more information on our delivery page.

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