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Glass electric radiators are the perfect choice for modern buyers with a taste for gadgets and razor-sharp contemporary style.

Slimline and minimalist in appearance, these electric radiators have a minimal projection into the room. Their aesthetic is very modern and will fit with high-tech contemporary décor styles. Their special features make them a great fit for smart homes and you get to choose a look that works for you, including mirror radiators.

If you are considering your options, Trade Radiators sell many other electric radiators elsewhere. You can also explore standard heat sources for more traditional units like column radiators and flat panel heaters.

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Our Range of Glass Electric Radiators

Trade Radiators supplies heating options for the most discerning modern buyers. Explore the ranges on offer to find an electric or standard heater that matches your style, performance and price needs.

Glass electric radiators are a truly remarkable sight in a modern home. Whether you are looking for cutting-edge electric radiators or enigmatic bathroom radiators, they are worthy of your consideration. The glass finish is unique and an exciting way to enhance the ambience of your modern space.

Explore your own heating needs further by using the free BTU calculator. It will tell you the heating power your space needs based on its dimensions. This way, you can heat with maximum efficiency.

We also provide free delivery to all UK mainland addresses and will get your order to you as fast as possible. Enjoy a generous manufacturer guarantee with every product for peace of mind.

Shopping with Trade Radiators means high-quality service at low prices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Glass Electric Radiators

Why Should I Consider Glass Electric Radiators?

Glass electric radiators make use of the very latest technologies for heating. Their appearance is eye-catching and will surely enhance the ambience of your contemporary interior design. If you are looking for maximum style and performance from your new radiator, they are worth exploring.

Do Glass Electric Radiators Come In Different Styles?

Yes, there are different shapes, sizes and colours of glass electric radiators. Some are better suited to the bathroom, while others are optimal for different spaces around the house. Explore the full range and see what might work for you.

What Special Features Do Glass Electric Radiators Have?

One of the great features of glass electric radiators is their high-tech capabilities. Many include smart technology like built-in timers and thermostats. They also frequently have touchscreens and can display the time and other key information. They use infrared heating technology. Explore the range today.

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