1200mm x 600mm Electric Radiators & Towel Rails

One of the most popular sizes for vertical electric radiators we have on-site, the 1200mm x 600mm electric radiators and towels currently available are fantastic products if you want a powerful radiator.

When you need something that can get a room up to temperature in no time at all, and doesn’t take up much space either, the ideal radiators could be waiting here for you.

Take a look at the 1200mm by 600mm electric currently available, and see which is the right heating solution for you.

Please note that each product listed within this category may vary slightly in size and as a result, may include products slightly above or below this size category.

Where would I need a 1200mm x 600mm electric radiator or towel rail?

These electric options work best when you have a space that needs an average-sized radiator but isn’t connected to the current system. Many homes that have a new extension or guest house can benefit from radiators like these, where a simple plug and go solution works best.

If you’ve recently converted attic or loft space into a spare bedroom, a narrow radiator option like these may be preferable to a 1600mm long horizontal radiator that would impinge on space.

What 1200mm x 600mm electric radiators does Trade Radiators offer?

We want to give customers as much choice as possible and have a range of designs to do just that.

Many of the towel rails around this size tend to be straight rail, although brands like Lazzarini do some well-crafted curved rails like the curved 1230mm by 600mm Pisa.

Are there any 1200mm by 600mm designer options in stock?

The Pisa Chrome electric towel rail fits the bill if you want an exact match designer product, with a highly polished finish and a 10-year guarantee on the rail.

What is the BTU of a 1200mm x 600mm electric radiator?

BTU varies from product to product as different shapes can produce a different BTU.

If you don’t have a clue what the BTU unit for your space is, we recommend using our heating calculator. Simply provide the dimensions of a room and we’ll calculate how much heat is needed. You can then use this information to see which electric radiators and towel rails are your best option.

How can I get a cheap 1200mm x 600mm electric radiator towel rail?

We want to give you a towel rail at the best price possible. All the 1200mm radiators on this page include free delivery on the product, as well as our price match guarantee should you find a better deal on another website.

Do 1200mm by 600mm electric towel rails require upkeep?

Electric rails and radiators are made to work just like ordinary radiators. When you install one, it should not require any specific care to work correctly. The majority of radiators on this page come with a 2-year guarantee on the element and a 5-15 year guarantee on the radiator.

Can I pick the finish on an electric radiator?

Certain products come in their own finish. The most popular colours include:

  • Anthracite
  • Black
  • Chrome
  • Polished
  • Silver

You can use the filter on the left side of this page to find the finish you think will look best. If there’s a colour you have in mind, you can always try shopping for electric heating by colour.

Our Delivery Promise

You shouldn’t have to wait around on a new electric radiator. That’s why we aim to get your products delivered as quickly as possible.

Most electric radiators and towel rails are delivered in 1-4 working days when an order is made. It is important to know that this may take an additional day or two, as some radiators need to be specially adapted for electric systems and we take care when initially filling and testing the radiator.

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