600 x 1000mm Electric Radiators & Towel Rails

At Trade Radiators, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver a broad range of products to customers, even when working with tricky spaces.

Usually, it is extremely difficult to find any radiators that perfectly fit in a space 600mm by 1000mm, but we have gone above and beyond to develop a select range solely for use on electric systems.

Shop the range and see if the right electric radiator or towel rail is currently in stock.

Please note that each product listed within this category may vary slightly in size and as a result, may include products slightly above or below this size category.

Where would I need a 600mm x 1000mm towel rail?

Bathrooms can be a tricky space at the best of times and usually prove to be the one room in the house where every square inch of free space matters. If you have a bathroom where you need a good injection of heat but lack the ability to have a commonplace vertical towel rail, a 600mm by 1000mm option might just do the job.

These smaller radiators also work well in studio apartments where you want to give yourself as much free space as possible.

Where would I need a 600mm x 1000mm electric radiator?

Some living rooms can be very limiting when there isn’t much room for a radiator. Luckily we have some fantastically designed 600mm by 1000mm electric radiators in stock that work perfectly.

One of the most sought after by customers is the tremendous DQ Vela Anthracite electric radiator. With it being 1096mm wide, it does just tip the scales in length, but most people looking for a 1000mm wide radiator should have just enough space.

What shaped of 600mm x 1000mm electric towel rails does Trade Radiators offer?

We have both straight and curved ladders in stock just now.

Which brands make great 600mm by 1000mm electric radiators?

There are two brands, in particular, we think make the best radiators in this size. Pisa are a renowned designer radiator brand, and their straight chrome electric towel rail is a powerful product; ideal for heating up small to medium-sized rooms.

We also have a wider range of styles and finishes from the Trade Direct electric heating range, which is frequently on offer.

Are electric radiators weaker than traditional radiators?

All the products on this page are designed to work just as well, if not better, than a traditional radiator.

Electric radiators have their own filling inside to help ensure they work as efficiently as possible. Because they don’t rely on being connected to your heating system, they will always stick to an exact temperature without any interference on your end.

How can I get a cheap 600mm x 1000mm electric radiator?

If you want to see the latest bargains we have on offer, you’ll have to visit our clearance section here. We usually don’t have many 600mm by 1000mm products listed as clearance items, but you may find radiators in related sizes which could work for you.

Do 600mm by 1000mm electric towel rails require upkeep?

No. You shouldn’t need to have any maintenance needed on an electric radiator. Most of the products on this page will come with a 2-year guarantee on the heating element and filling inside the radiator, with a 5-15 year guarantee on the radiator itself.

Can I pick the finish on an electric radiator?

The most popular colours for radiators and towel rails this size are Anthracite, Chrome, and Stainless Steel. If there is a colour or shade you have your eye on, you can always shop for electric radiators by finish.

Delivering as quickly as possible

We hate the idea of someone waiting around for days on end to get their electric radiator. That’s why we always aim to get products ready and shipped to our customers in no time at all.

Radiators like these will average 1-4 working days for delivery (always free) throughout mainland UK. In some cases, the radiators need to get a special filling to work on electric systems, which may be the reason why we can’t ship it for next day delivery.

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