Silver Electric Radiators

One of the finest finishes you’ll find for an electric radiator.  Our silver electric radiators were made for anyone looking to install a modern-looking radiator in a space where they need heat but maybe don’t have the option of plumbing a new radiator into an existing system.

With over 50 silver electrical radiators to choose from at Trade Radiators, we can guarantee you’ll find a silver radiator that will fit perfectly in your room. Whether you want a compact model for a spare room or downstairs toilet, feel a tall silver radiator would look great in the hallway, or want a sleek designer radiator for the kitchen, shop the range right now and find the right fit for your home.

Do silver electric radiators heat a room easily?

All of these radiators are made with a steel body and silver finish, making them fantastic heat conductors. Size can play a big part when looking for a radiator, and we have some compact models that pack a punch when you need to heat something like a box bedroom or small kitchen.

All rooms have a BTU level you’ll be looking to hit. Sometimes buying the biggest radiator may not be the right fit if it exceeds your required BTU. You can calculate what BTU any room needs using our heating calculator.

And if you already know the BTU you need, you can narrow down your options to those within your ideal range using the filters on the left side of this page.

Do I need anything special for a silver electric radiator?

All the radiators on this page will come with necessary parts to ensure installation is smooth.

When choosing a silver finish, it is worth looking at whether you would need to get pipe sleeve covers to match the radiator, or if updating your traditional valves may be worth a look. You can find these, and other great add-ons, at our radiator accessories section.

Can I get a silver electrical radiator for my kitchen?

This type of radiator is a very popular choice for many kitchens across the UK as many will have a design and finish that compliments how we decorate our kitchens.

If you were looking for a radiator that can be placed on a feature wall to save space, some of the best to have in the kitchen include:

  • Trade Direct Nevo Offset
  • Trade Direct Nevo Bar
  • Trade Direct Saturn Offset

Do you stock dual fuel silver electrical radiators?

All of the silver radiators within the range can also be purchased with the option of being adaptable for a dual fuel system.

How can I get a cheap silver electrical radiator?

If there is a particular budget you have in mind, don’t forget that you can use the filter option on the left of the page to narrow down your options.

Trade Radiators delivery guarantee

We strive to get any orders created on-site before 2 pm to get sent for delivery on the next working day.

With electric radiators, we do need to fill the radiator with the heating element so please allow an extra day on estimated delivery as we want to make sure the product is 100% ready.

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