Aluminium Heated Towel Rails

Have a problem area at home or in the office that just doesn’t seem to get warm no matter how hard you try? Heating troublesome areas are something that aluminium radiators and towel rails are amazing at doing due to their superconductive properties.

Here at Trade Radiators, we have a small range of aluminium heated towel rails that were made for taking pride of place in modern spaces. Shop the range today and see if there’s an aluminium towel rail for you.

Are there any advantages of having an aluminium heated towel rail?

We recommend aluminium when you need a towel rail that gets to your preferred temperature in no time at all. Aluminium can transfer heat from water to air through convection very fast.

Are aluminium heated towel rails powerful?

The incredible BTU levels of these towel rails are unparalleled. If you are unsure what BTU level you need to heat a room, just use our heating calculator. It will match you with a BTU level to help filter down your towel rail options.

How do I get a cheap aluminium towel rail?

We want you to find a towel rail that’s within your budget. There is a price filter on the side of this page to help narrow down options that fit in with your ideal price. We also recommend checking out our clearance section to see if any similar style towel rails match the look you’re going for.

Do aluminium heated towel rails have a short life span?

We only stock towel rails we know will perform fantastically from the day they’re installed to years down the line. That is why you will usually see aluminium rails having a 15-year guarantee.

What kind of entry do aluminium heated towel rails have?

Typically, because they’re vertical models, these towel rails have a vertical base entry that directly connects into your system. If your current set-up doesn’t allow for base entry, we do recommend taking a look at our radiator valves to see whether you’ll need an angled or corner valve.

Are there other anthracite towel rails available?

If you’ve noticed the majority of aluminium towel rails come in an Anthracite finish and want to see something similar, take a look at our current range of Anthracite heated towel rails, with almost 100 styles to choose from.

Do I need any additional items for installation?

When you order an aluminium heated towel rail, it will come with fittings to help your installation. If you were looking to have robe hooks or specific plugs and caps to match a look you’re going for, visit our radiator accessories section.

Helping you find the best radiator possible

We know that it can be confusing trying to find the right radiator. If there are a few options you’ve found on-site, but don’t know which would be best, get in touch directly with the team by phoning us on 0141 225 0430. Lines are open weekdays from 8.30am-6.00pm.

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