Raw & Lacquered Metal Heated Towel Rails

Raw & lacquered heated towel rails make a bold statement for a contemporary bathroom.

These elegant towel warmers are ideal heating solutions for bathrooms or other spaces like cloakrooms. The raw and lacquered metal aesthetic is a timeless and rustic look that works for various interior styles. Whether you opt for a classic ladder rail, a column unit or an enigmatic designer heater, you will add sophistication to your modern space.

Trade Radiators supplies a wide range of different colours and finishes. With such a diverse heating range, you will have no problem finding the right look and style for your needs.

Shop the range online today.

Our Range of Raw & Lacquered Metal Heated Towel Rails

Finding a chic, elegant heating solution at an affordable price has never been simpler. Trade Radiators stock only high-end, efficient radiators at fair prices.

Trade offers an outstanding selection of raw & lacquered metal heated towel rails. Styles range from the traditional towel ladder to highly-contemporary designer units, all assembled from different grades of robust steel. Select your size and style, and choose your preferred heat source.

When shopping with Trade Radiators, you can access the free BTU calculator. Enter the dimensions of your bathroom or other space, and it will reveal the heating power your need from your new bathroom heater. This helps avoid over- or under-heating in the home.

There are savings to be made with our free delivery throughout the UK mainland. We deliver fast, and you will get a generous manufacturer guarantee no matter what product you buy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Raw & Lacquered Metal Heated Towel Rails

Why Do I Need a Raw & Lacquered Metal Heated Towel Rail?

Heated towel rails are superb solutions for heating bathrooms and cloakrooms, providing hanging rails to warm or dry towels and clothes. We supply units from exceptional brands like Trade Direct and DQ Heating for superb performance and outstanding style.

Are There Different Styles Of Raw & Lacquered Metal Heated Towel Rails?

Yes, the designs include ladders rails, column units and designer options. Choose black, copper or raw metal colourings with an elegant finish assembled from high-quality steel.

Do You Sell Electric Raw & Lacquered Metal Heated Towel Rails?

No, currently our raw & lacquered metal heated towel rails are only available with standard heat source installations. We do, however, sell many electric and dual fuel towel rails, so please explore our catalogue.

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