800mm x 400mm Heated Towel Rails

When space is an issue but you still want impressive performance and style, a size effective heated towel rail might be exactly what you are looking for.

Our range of 800 mm x 400mm heated towel rails are practical, efficient and effective - not to mention our great rates too.

Please note that each product listed within this category may vary slightly in size and as a result, may include products slightly above or below this size category.

Where Would I Need an 800mm x 400mm Towel Rail?

These rails look good in any room filling so many purposes from drying up towels and dishcloths to warming up your work trousers.

These flexible heaters fit best into kitchens and bathrooms but can also be used as a great space-effective option for bedrooms and living rooms.

What 800mm x 400mm Heated Towel Rails do Trade Radiators Offer?

Trade Radiators have an extensive range of radiators that are 800mm x 400mm, BTU’s, budgets and styles can vary widely so we can accommodate everyone with some high-quality heating - even where space is at a premium.

Some of our top models at this size include:

Pisa Towel Rail - 25mm, Chrome Curved, 800x400mm
Pisa Budget Towel Rail - 22mm, White Straight, 800x400mm
Trade Direct Towel Rail - 22mm, Stainless Steel Straight, 800x400mm

Our wide range has a number of styles, finishes, budges and power outputs to make sure our customers can find the perfect model.

How Powerful Is A 800 mm x 400 mm Towel Rail?

These towel rails can vary in output but generally produce impressive power despite their smaller size.

Their BTU tends to float around 1000 but can go as high as 1400 depending on the model in question.

As they are mostly electric they are able to produce somewhere between 400 and 600 watts of energy providing impressive, reliable heat.

How Can I Get A Cheap 800mm x 400mm Towel Rail?

Trade Radiators not only offer a wide stock of size effective tower rail options, we offer competitive prices as well.

Our price match guarantee makes sure you aren’t getting a better deal anywhere else.

Prices for 800mm x 400mm generally sits between £200 and £300 but with all of our great sales and deals you could possibly pick one up for under £100.

Can I Pick the Finish On My Towel Rail?

While the finish is determined by the manufacturer, we have enough stock available to offer you the radiator that best suits your vision.

We offer some of the following finishes on our 800mm x 400mm heated towel rail options.

  • Stainless steel
  • Chrome
  • Anthracite
  • Black
  • White

Delivery Guarantee

We offer a next day delivery service for orders that are in before 2 pm. Towel rails may take slightly longer as there may be a 3-day wait for their filling.

Once you receive your product make sure you have it set up as soon as possible as we have a 3-day product problems policy.

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