Shop for Heated Towel Rails by Style

Every room deserves a unique look from a striking radiator, and there’s no better way to do it than having a reputable heated towel rail take pride of place.

Trade Radiators is one the UK’s leading suppliers of heated towel rails with the widest range of designs and styles you’ll find online; from the simple ladder rail common in bathrooms across the country to designer rails that wouldn’t look out of place in a hallway or open plan kitchen.

Browse our range and find the right towel rail for your home.

What styles do heated towel rails come in?

Our current range includes the following styles: 

  • Curved
  • Designer
  • Horizontal
  • Ladder
  • Straight
  • Traditional 

Do heated towel rails heat a room easily?

Towels rails do look smaller than traditional convector panel radiators, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get a room feeling cosy in no time at all. These rails work wonders in troublesome spaces and can heat a space efficiently, as long as you know the required BTU of a space.

We have a handy heating calculator we recommend you use to see how much BTU your space needs. You’ll see that every towel rail has its BTU level listed in the product description. 

Do I need anything special for a towel rail?

If this is your first time installing a towel rail, you might be wondering how it stays on the wall. We’ll supply the relevant fittings with your order so you can get it up with no problems. 

Can I get a heated towel rail for my kitchen?

Many customers love the space-saving wonder of a towel rail in the kitchen. If you’re in the middle of redecorating your kitchen or have a contemporary design you want to keep, we recommend looking at our designer heated towel rails. Popular brands include Trade Direct and Reina.

Can I get a cheap designer heated towel rail?

Yes. Within each style, you’ll see a filter option on the left side of the page to find towel rails within your price range. You can also see if there are any towel rails added to our clearance section for an even better deal.

What heating systems do heated towel rails work on?

Our current range has models that can be used on traditional central heating systems or as a dual-fuel option. If you were looking for a towel rail that needs to use a plug, take a look at our electric heating options, including towel rails by Lazzarini and Pisa. 

Can I get an electric designer heated towel rail?  

Yes, we have a range here with rails in a variety of finishes including black, chrome, silver and polished. 

Helping you find the right designer heated towel rail

We have over a hundred different towel rails to choose from. If you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed or would like help finding a particular model or design, you can get in touch directly with our customer service team.

Click the chat icon in the corner of the page and tell us exactly what you’re looking for.