Space Saving / Slim Heated Towel Rails

Your bathroom or kitchen shouldn’t look average. It’s where you spend a lot of your time, whether that is through a Friday night relaxing bath or your Monday morning coffee.

Additionally, it’s a place where you’re going to feel the chill during the winter, whether you’re just out of the shower or are waiting for that kettle to boil. So tick off multiple boxes with stylish, space saving and practical ultra-slim heated towel rails. They not only add modern style to the room but also some much-needed warmth.

Their heat output will keep you warm and as they are towel rails, you can hang up anything from handcloths to clothes, and of course towels!

Order today with Trade Radiators to get a fantastic product at a competitive price and excellent customer service.

Where Would A Space Saving Slim Heated Towel Rail Go?

These heated towel rails look great in open spaces, but due to their functionality, would be best suited to places where things need to be hung up.

So whether that’s your bathroom where you’re heating up your post-shower towel or your kitchen where you’re drying off your hand towels, these slimline space saving heated towel rails will make your life easier.

Are there Multiple Options?

Yes, you can pick a space saving heated towel rail that is uniquely suited to your home, pick from our comprehensive range which includes some of the following great models:

Are They Powerful Enough?

Not only will these great heated towel rails produce enough heat to warm up your towels and clothing, but they’ll also keep the room warm and cost.

Their BTU output of 1000 is more than enough to accommodate full rooms, so they’ll be great additions to spaces where you spend a good amount of time.

Not sure what your room requirements are? Put their dimensions into our BTU calculator to find out what radiator is best for you.

How Much Is A Slim Heated Towel Rail?

You can pick up a high quality heated slim towel rail from a top brand for under £200 here at Trade Radiators.

We also offer a great price match guarantee, because we are confident you won’t get a better deal elsewhere.

And if you’re a fan of deals, why not check out our clearance section, where you can make potentially huge savings.

Can I Choose My Favorite Finish

There is a range of finish options available at Trade Radiators, including just some of the following:

  • Chrome
  • Polished
  • Copper
  • Satin
  • And many more

Contact Us For More

Buy with Trade Radiators to get a fantastic product that is paired with a brilliant customer experience from purchase to delivery.

We want to help you find the perfect radiator for your home, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Alternatively, you can check out our helpful advice centre which will help you with all of the standard queries that people may have.

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