Radbot Smart Thermostatic Valve, Head Only

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What is Included?

  • 1 x Radbot valve
  • 6 Valve adaptors
  • 2 x AA batteries
  • Instruction manual
  • Quick reference guide
Radbot Included Technical

Meet Radbot

A new type of smart heating control that saves up to 30% on your heating bills by heating each room only when you need it

No more heating empty rooms! Wasted heat costs UK households ?6 billion every year! Radbot learns your house patterns by detecting changes in light. It then heats each room only when needed. If a room is empty, Radbot simply reduces the temperature, saving you money and energy!

How Radbot Works from Erin Ericson on Vimeo.

How does it work?

Simply unscrew the existing TRV and fi t Radbot to the radiator. Radbot will learn your household patterns, heating rooms only when you need it and lowering the temperature when you don??t.

Radbot works by monitoring changes in light, which it uses to build a pattern of occupancy. Radbot also learns how long it takes to warm the room in order to optimize comfort and savings.

Installing Radbot from Erin Ericson on Vimeo.

The Features

  • Fully automated - so no need for an app, wifi, or complex programming
  • Simple self-fit product that can be installed in minutes
  • Feeling chilly? Boost button provides 30 minutes of maximum heat
  • Works with almost any heating system that has domestic style TRVs
  • Allows you to set different temperatures in each room and prevents overheating
  • Built-in frost and humidity detection protects buildings from frozen pipes and damp
  • Zonal control to prevent overheating
  • SAP accreditation as a Time and Temperature Zoned Control (TTZC)
Radbot House


How is Radbot different from my existing TRVs?

You may be familiar with thermostatic radiator valves or TRVs (yes, that funny dial thing on your radiator). Radbot looks the same, so how is it different? TRVs control heat output in each room, but keep the temperature the same all the time. To achieve similar savings with TRVs you would need to remember to turn the dial up 1-2 hours before you enter each room and turn it back down every time you leave a room. Radbot automates this process saving you time and money.

How is Radbot different from a smart thermostat?

Smart thermostats like Nest and Hive control the heating for your whole house whereas Radbot heats rooms individually based on occupancy. You wouldn??t turn all the lights on in your home with one switch, so why do it with heating?

Will Radbot work in my house?

Radbot works with all gas or oil central heating systems that use radiators. It doesn??t work with systems using underfloor heating, electric storage heaters or heat pump systems.

I already have a smart thermostat; can I use Radbot with it?

Yes, each Radbot works completely independently to control the radiator it is installed on. Therefore, it will not interfere with the operation your smart home thermostat. We recommend you continue to use your smart thermostat as you have been. The temperature you set each Radbot at will effectively over-ride the smart thermostat for that room. This provides room by room temperature control, which can improve comfort and has the potential to offer additional energy savings.

Can I control my boiler/heating system with Radbot?

No, you will need to continue using your existing heating controls (programmer & room thermostat) to control the on/off times and other settings for your boiler/heating system.

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