Chrome Radiators for Bathrooms

Chrome bathroom radiators have a familiar look and can warm your modern bathroom with superb efficiency.

These stunning towel warmers are vibrant yet neutral to fit with a wide range of bathroom styles. Available in a selection of styles and your preferred orientation, Trade Radiators has the piece that will work with your surroundings. Enhance the ambience of your bathroom with ladder rails, traditional looks or even enigmatic column units.

If the chrome finish doesn’t fit well with the aesthetic of your water closet, Trade Radiators supplies towel ladders and other heaters with a huge range of different finishes. We have no doubt there is something for everyone in our catalogue.

Shop the range online today.

Our Range of Chrome Bathroom Radiators

Trade Radiators has a finger on the pulse of the latest home heating trends. There are various solutions for a warm bathroom but everything we sell balances style with efficiency and affordability.

There are many options to explore for chrome bathroom radiators. That shimmering aesthetic is applied to various designer frames developed from robust mild steel or ultra-modern, lightweight aluminium for maximum efficiency.

We make it easy to find exactly what you need with our free BTU calculator. This handy tool does the calculations to let you know the precise amount of heating power required for your bathroom size to make it warm and comfortable.

Everything comes with lengthy manufacturer guarantees so you can trust in their durability. Free delivery is provided anywhere in the UK mainland, carried out quickly and cost-effectively for your convenience.

Enjoy a premium service at low prices when you shop with Trade Radiators.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chrome Bathroom Radiators

Why Do I Need a Chrome Bathroom Radiator?

Chrome bathroom radiators come with various design and performance characteristics but that iconic, high-gloss finish is the common thread. Get all the heating power you need with a timeless, neutral aesthetic to match other fixtures in your bathroom.

Are There Different Styles Of Chrome Bathroom Radiators?

Yes, there are ladder rails, column units, traditional styles and designer options in our range. Materials include mild steel and aluminium and they are available in horizontal and vertical orientations.

Do You Sell Electric Chrome Bathroom Radiators?

Yes, our bathroom radiator range includes many options for adding an electric heating element as part of a dual fuel configuration for maximum versatility.

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