Vertical Bathroom Radiators From Trade Radiators

Vertical bathroom radiators prioritise height over width, which is ideal for towel ladders to combine height with practicality.

These radiators are able to provide space for hanging towels and clothing to warm or dry them. They are made from steel and offered in a range of styles including iconic ladder rails, traditional aesthetics and even column radiators. The element that ties this collection together is the vertical orientation.

If you are exploring different possibilities, we also supply horizontal bathroom radiators and many other variables. Trade Radiators is equipped to meet a diverse range of needs and preferences.

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Our Range of Vertical Bathroom Radiators

Trade Radiators understands what modern buyers are looking for in bathroom heating solutions. You have come to the right place to find a unique balance of style, efficiency and affordability.

Trade supplies hundreds of vertical bathroom radiators. Cast a wide net over the many design choices and narrow it down as you go. The modern aesthetic of designer bathroom radiators might work for you, or you might prefer more traditional towel ladders – it’s all available in this collection.

To help you with your search, take advantage of the free BTU calculator. This tool helps you identify the heating power your bathroom needs by entering its dimensions. It will ensure you get maximum efficiency from your new radiator.

Enjoy a generous manufacturer guarantee no matter what product you choose. You will also get free delivery if you live on the UK mainland and your order will arrive as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vertical Bathroom Radiators

Why Do I Need a Vertical Bathroom Radiator?

Vertical bathroom radiators can offer high heating power without lots of width. Tall, narrow ones can fit into tight spaces and they will always provide plenty of rails to hang your towels on. Style and efficiency are a given with everything we sell, but the unique shapes and sizes of these heaters make them stand out.

Are There Different Styles Of Vertical Bathroom Radiators?

Yes, you will find ladder rails, column radiators, designer units and traditional heaters in this collection. The material is steel across the board, but there are also various colours and finishes to choose from.

Do You Sell Electric Vertical Bathroom Radiators?

Yes, many of the heated towel rails in this range include an optional dual fuel heating kit. This adds an electric heating element as a secondary heating option. We also sell many electric bathroom radiators for you to explore.

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