Victorian Bathroom Radiators From Trade Radiators

Victorian bathroom radiators possess an elegant, traditional aesthetic whilst using modern technologies for a stylish yet functional product.

Bathroom radiators in the Victorian style use proven heating configurations whilst boasting a classical appearance that may be a good fit for industrial or retro interior design. You will find many attractive options in this range to match your preferences.

Design styles include column radiators and traditional towel ladders and all are assembled in the UK.

The range of bathroom radiators and heated towel rails extends far beyond the Victorian style. If you are exploring your options, Trade Radiators has a huge range of styles for you to discover.

Find your perfect bathroom radiator today.

Our Range of Victorian Bathroom Radiators

Trade Radiators is known for expertise in the modern home heating space. Your bathroom needs a radiator or towel warmer that matches the style of its surroundings whilst heating powerfully and efficiently. You have come to the right place for a solution.

With Trade, there are many Victorian bathroom radiator options. The different aesthetics all possess that classical charm. They are made from mild steel, with colour options including raw metal and chrome to get the type of look you want.

With Trade Radiators, the BTU calculator is a resource for calculating the heating power you need based on the size of your space. Heat your bathroom with maximum efficiency as well as the style that will effortlessly enhance the ambience.

Generous manufacturer guarantees are included on every product. We deliver free to the UK mainland and offer next-day delivery where available.

Shopping with Trade Radiators means excellent products at fair prices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Victorian Bathroom Radiators

Why Do I Need a Victorian Bathroom Radiator?

Victorian bathroom radiators have an iconic appearance that can boost the effectiveness of various interior design styles. They radiate heat effectively and can even provide a rail for hanging and warming towels. They are a sought-after style of bathroom radiator.

Are There Different Styles Of Victorian Bathroom Radiators?

Yes, you will find column radiators and more traditional ladder rails amongst the options at Trade Radiators. Materials and colour choices are varied so you are sure to find something that works for your needs. You can also explore other bathroom radiators from our range.

Do You Sell Electric Victorian Bathroom Radiators?

Yes, there are some dual fuel options among this range. These units can be supplied with an additional electric heating element that provides a secondary heat source. If electric bathroom radiators are your thing, there are plenty more to discover in the store.

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