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Looking for a radiator that is extremely energy efficient, practical and looks good all at the same time? Then a vertical aluminium radiator is ideal for you. Both aluminium and vertical radiators are becoming increasingly popular due to their practical and stylish advantages over more traditional horizontal steel radiators. Combine the two together and you have a radiator that will be hard to beat in terms of energy usage and practicality.

Traditional radiators are made from steel or cast iron however, recently we have seen an increase in demand for aluminium radiators. Unlike their traditional steel and cast-iron counter parts, aluminium is a light-weight material which means aluminium radiators can be easily transported and reshaped.

If you're looking for an alternative style or finish, take a look through our extensive selection of radiators.

Extremely Energy Efficient

The major benefit of using aluminium over other materials for radiators is they need less energy to heat a room than steel or cast-iron radiators. This is due to its exceptional ability as a thermal conductor. Aluminium’s effectiveness in emitting energy, also known as its emissivity, is five times greater than that of steel which means the process of heating a room happens a lot quicker and uses less energy. As a result, by investing in an aluminium radiator you will save money on your heating bills as well as making your home eco-friendlier.

You can see the difference in energy output of aluminium radiators in comparison to steel or cast-iron ones for yourself by comparing the BTU or watt output of the different materials. Pound for pound the output for the aluminium one will be considerably higher.

The ability of aluminium radiators to rapidly heat a room makes them the ideal choice for rooms that do not require heating regularly like conservatories or a spare bedroom. We have an informative blog post about aluminium radiators here which highlights the benefits of choosing an aluminium radiator in further depth.

Convenient and Practical

When it comes to practicality, you won’t get much better than an aluminium vertical radiator. An incredibly convenient radiator, vertical radiators are becoming increasingly popular among interior designers and architects due to their ability to slot nicely into those awkward spaces that are often hard to fill like in between kitchen cabinets or loft conversions. Vertical aluminium radiators lend themselves perfectly to modern apartments where space is limited by optimising wall space in the most efficient way possible.

As previously highlighted, they are extremely energy efficient and will save you money which is very convenient. On top of this, the vertical design improves the use of the living space by maximising available wall space. Instead of taking up a large area of the wall that could be otherwise used, a vertical radiator optimises free space higher up the wall. This ensures heat is not lost behind furniture and is evenly spread around the room, creating a more energy efficient room.
For a further insight into the benefits of vertical radiators check out our blog post on vertical radiators here.

At Trade Radiators, we have a fantastic range of vertical aluminium radiators in a host of colours and designs so we can find the perfect vertical radiator for your home. We are so certain of the quality of our vertical aluminium radiators that all come with a 25-year guarantee as well as a price match guarantee.

If you have any other enquiries about our aluminium vertical radiators, or any other of our radiators, view our frequently asked questions here. Alternatively, do not hesitate to call us on 0141 225 0430.


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