Apollo Bassano Radiators

Our Apollo Bassano radiators are a perfect addition to any modern home, bringing style and even a splash of colour to your room's interior.  As contemporary models are available in both horizontal and vertical orientations, their range of sizes make Apollo Bassano radiators a great choice if you have a very specific space in your home to work with.

If you're looking for a high-performance option to get even more heat out of this efficient radiator range, we also offer high-output double radiator models - perfect for larger rooms!

Shop the current range and see if a  Apollo Bassano radiator from Trade Radiators is the right fit for you.

Do Apollo Bassano radiators heat a room easily? 

Apollo radiators are exactly the type of radiator you’ll be after if you’re dealing with a tricky room. When you have a kitchen, hallway, or office space where there’s always a chill in the air, Apollo is here to stamp it out.

The Bassano range has some of the most powerful top-line radiators in stock, with BTUs ranging from 2760 all the way to 9410. If you’re not sure what the BTU of the room you’ll be installing a new radiator in is, try our home heating calculator. It will tell you the BTU range to work within, and you can use the filter options on the left side of the page to narrow down the range to the ideal products for your room. 

If you want a regular radiator which does the job unencumbered in your living room or bedroom, go for a single panel model. When looking at a room which needs all the help it can get, double panels are preferable to draw in a larger volume of cold and get it circulating.

What are Apollo Bassano radiators made from?

Apollo Bassano radiators are made from 1.5mm steel, the industry standard for radiators in the UK.

Do Apollo Bassano radiators have a good lifespan?

We wouldn’t stock any radiators if we didn’t know you’d get a good lifespan out of them. The majority of this range comes with at least a 10-year minimum guarantee on the product. 

What colours do Apollo Bassano radiators come in?

You’ll be able to choose from a traditional white finish, or anthracite (Matt - RAL 7016) finish on these radiators.

What rooms can I have an Apollo Bassano radiator in?

With nearly two dozen makes and models in stock, there’s a Bassano for pretty much any room. Because the shape and look of the anthracite model is so unique (many other brands don’t apply this finish to radiators like these), if you wanted a unique horizontal radiator in the living room or workspace, any of the 600mm horizontal radiators are a safe bet.

We also find that the 1800mm vertical models look great in kitchens if you have columns and supporting walls which can take double panel radiators without any intrusion. 

What heating system can Apollo Bassano radiators be used on?

The Apollo Bassano range is made for traditional central heating systems. Anyone working in a space that needs to have a plug-in solution, our designer electric radiators are a great option.

What if I have a question about a particular radiator I’ve seen on this page?

Want to know more about Apollo Bassano radiators or need help finding a specific style? Trade Radiators can help.

You can leave a message via our contact page here, or click the chat icon on the right corner of the page and talk directly with one of the team during office hours.

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