Apollo Milano Flat Panel Radiators

Our Apollo Milano Flat Panel Radiators are probably the most stylish convector radiators available on the market. Designed and manufactured in Italy to the highest standards, they combine a simple minimalist elegance with a huge heat output.


Whether you require a tall feature radiator for a new open plan kitchen/dining space, or are looking to add a modern elegance to other rooms around the house, we have a broad range of sizes to choose from.

Take a look at which Apollo Milano radiators we currently have in stock, and find the ideal radiator for your rooms.

Need something different? Take a look through our wide range of radiators today.

How much do Apollo Milano Flat Panel Radiators cost? 

As one of the more diverse mini-ranges we have on site, the cost of an Apollo Milano radiator depends a lot on the size you’re looking for.

If it’s a small rad like the 300mm by 400mm, then you’d expect to get it for under £130, whereas a much larger model like the 600mm by 1600mm starts around £720 RRP.

Have a very strict budget you’re working with, or want an absolute banger from a flat panel radiator? Take a look at our radiator clearance section and see what flat panels we’ve just added at a reduced price.

What size of Apollo Milano flat panel radiators should I get? 

Given that it uses a minimal flat panel design, the heat output of the Milano radiators is something else. You’re looking at a BTU range which can go from 1000 to almost 10,000 depending on the size you get.

Now, you don’t want to buy the biggest radiator a space can handle as that can lead to you wasting energy when the radiator is on. Make sure you know what BTU range a room needs by using our heating calculator

Once you know the range your room will be happy with, you can filter products by BTU and get one at the best price possible.

What colour are Apollo Milano radiators?

All the white radiators in this range have a gloss white (Gloss - RAL 9016) finish. If you think you need a certain finish from a flat panel radiator instead, take a look at all our custom colour radiator options.

What rooms best suit Apollo Milano flat panel radiators?

Apollo Milano radiators work in pretty much any space. We find that the vertical models look great in rooms where you have plenty of height to play with; think of areas like your master bedroom and hallway.

The horizontal rads look good in living rooms, bedrooms, and spaces where you make sure the top of the radiator is covered.

Do I need anything special to install a flat panel radiator?

As with all the radiators we have on site, your order will come with appropriate fittings in the box. If you’re buying one of these radiators for your bathroom, you may be interested in a suitable towel bar.

What other flat panel radiators are in stock right now? 

You can view the full range of flat panel radiators we sell here. We have new radiators in stock now from other leading brands including Stelrad and Supplies4Heat.

We also have other styles of radiators available when looking at our full range.

Getting your radiator as quickly as possible

It is our aim to get radiators delivered to your door as soon as an order is made. Delivery on Apollo radiators takes an average of 4-5 days, but we do try our hardest to get items delivered within a few days.


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