Apollo Roma 2 Column Radiators

When it comes to high-quality, exceptional radiator units, Apollo never fails to deliver with their Roma collection. In particular, their Apollo Roma 2 Column Radiator models are a great choice for any home or business.

Their diverse sizing options ensure that their wide selection will feature a radiator that will suit your project requirements.

Here at Trade Radiators, we are proud to bring their exemplary range to our customers.

If you're interested in a different size, style or finish, then you'll be happy to know we stock an extensive range of radiators that you can browse to find new inspriation.

How Powerful Are Apollo Roma 2 Column Radiators?

The power of an Apollo Roma 2 column radiator will vastly depend on the size of the radiator and its shape. Most of the Apollo Roma radiators will come with a steel chassis, which heats up faster than metals like Iron but slower than other kinds of metal such as Copper or Aluminium.


This makes them ideal for a range of domestic and business environments. The main determining factor will be the height and width of the radiator. The bigger it is, the more power it will have to radiate heat into your living or working spaces.


If you are in need of guidance in selecting an appropriate radiator size for your room, then feel free to use our BTU heating calculator

What Finishes Do Apollo Roma 2 Column Radiators Come In?

The Apollo Roma range of radiators comes in a whole host of wonderful colours to suit all kinds of home aesthetics. Why not take a look at:


· White

· Black

· Satin Bronze

· Cream White


Or one of the many others we stock. Take a look now and see what kind of aesthetics suits your project the best.

Our Apollo Roma 2 Column Radiator Models

We are proud to be stockists of a huge range of Apollo Roma radiators. Just take a look at some of the radiator units that we stock:


Looking for something different? Browse our full range of radiators today.

Our Excellent Deals 

Deals! Deals! Deals! Not only can you bag yourself an exceptional radiator with impressive heating technology, but you can do so while exploiting one of the many deals that we have here at Trade Radiators. We want our customers to leave happy with their selection, and our deals are a big part of that!


Our price match policy is a prime example. Find the same model for less elsewhere? We’ll match their rate and pass any savings to be had onto you.


Not to mention that we also offer free delivery on all radiator orders!

Reach Out To Trade Radiators Today

Got questions about our services or products? Then have a chat with our highly knowledgeable customer care team. They will be happy to assist you with your radiator or service-related queries. 


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