Apollo Roma 3 Column Radiators

If you are looking for exceptional quality in a radiator model, then the Apollo Roma 3 column radiator models are ideal. Apollo is renowned as one of the industry’s leading brands with radiator designs that fit well for both residential, commercial, and industrial settings.


Choose from a diverse range of radiator units for your project and get a radiator that’ll suit all your needs.


We are proud to stock the Apollo Roma range here at Trade Radiators.

How Powerful Are Apollo Roma 3 Column Radiators?


Just like most other brands or models of radiator units on the market, the power of a 3 column radiator will vastly depend upon the material of the radiator, the size of the radiator unit, and the size of the room you are trying to heat. There are other factors, but these are the most crucial.


For example, a steel radiator unit chassis will heat up much slower than a copper chassis. However, copper tends to be more malleable and less durable than steel. Every different model will have pros and cons.


But when it comes to heating a particular space, you can use our BTU heating calculator to get an accurate estimate of how powerful you’ll need your radiator to be.

What Finishes Do Apollo Roma 3 Column Radiators Come In?

We love to tailor to different home themes and interior design aesthetics here at Trade Radiators, and this is reflected in the options we offer for radiator finishes. We can provide Apollo Roma radiators in:


  • White and off-white shades such as cream
  • Black and greys
  • Satin Bronze or copper coloured finishes

And much more! Browse our selection now and see what kind of finish takes your fancy for your own project.

Our Apollo Roma 3 Column Radiator Models


We are proud to be stockists of a huge range of Apollo Roma radiators. Just take a look at some of the radiator units that we stock:


Apollo Roma 3 Column Horizontal Radiator 300x996mm (black metallic) – for those modern aesthetics that need a bit of black sheen to complete their look.


Apollo Roma 3 Column Horizontal Radiator 400x812mm (silver) – for something that’s a bit different and will act as a talking point in any setting.


Apollo Roma 3 Column Horizontal Radiator 300x1190mm (white) – for those that like to keep it simple with a pristine white radiator. Ideal for any home or business.

Our Fantastic Deals At Trade Radiators 

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We want every customer to walk away with a heating solution that’s right for them and their project. To accomplish this goal, we have some great deals to make the acquisition of a new radiator far easier.


For example, our price match policy will keep our prices competitive. If you find any other radiator retailer selling a radiator for less than us, then we’ll do our best to match their rate. 


We also offer free delivery on all radiators!

Have A Chat With Us Today

Do you have questions regarding our services or the products that we stock? Then have a chat with us today.


We are more than happy to assist you with your queries. 


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