Apollo Roma 6 Column Radiators

Are you in the market for an exceptional radiator to heat your living or working space? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Trade Radiators, we offer a variety of Apollo Roma 6 column radiator models to choose from that are ideal for heating even the biggest of spaces.

Our comprehensive range of Apollo Roma radiators is ideal for a range of applications in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings.

Looking for something different? You can view our full selection of radiators and find new styles that will work in your space.

Browse now and find the radiator you need for your project today.

How Powerful Are Apollo Roma 6 Column Radiators?

Apollo Roma 6 column radiators tend to give off a decent amount of heat designed and geared towards warming larger spaces, such as hallways in homes or open office spaces. But aspects such as the size, design, and material of the radiator chassis will play a big role in the radiator’s heat output.

The bigger the radiator, the more heat it can radiate. However, the material of the radiator impacts how the heat is radiated. A cast iron radiator, for example, will heat up and cool down a lot more slowly than a copper radiator. Different metals will have different heat conductivity properties to consider.

If you are unsure what kind of power you’ll need from your radiator, then we can help. Our BTU heating calculator will help you assess what you need for your spaces.

What Finishes Do Apollo Roma 6 Column Radiators Come In?

We like to keep things as varied as we can here at Trade Radiators, and so we stock a range of stylistic options to consider, such as:

· Black

· White

· Grey

· Brown

Among others. Take a look at the Apollo Roma radiators that we supply and see what colour will suit your aesthetic needs best.

The Apollo Roma 6 Column Radiator Units We Stock

Did you know we have a comprehensive range of 6 column radiators for you to consider from the Apollo Roma collection? Take a look at a small fraction of what we have to offer:

Looking for a new style of radiator? Explore our expansive range of radiators today.

Our Amazing Deals We Provide

Aside from our exceptional range of premium radiators, we also provide deals to keep our customers satisfied.


Our price match policy is one such deal that aims to keep our prices low and competitive. This allows us to pass any savings to be had onto you!


We also offer a free delivery service on all the radiators that we stock. We want to make sure that investing in a new radiator is as stress-free as possible.

Still Have Questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer care team if you still have queries that need to be answered. We are more than happy to provide additional information to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

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