Apollo Roma Anthracite Radiators

Apollo is an exceptional radiator brand for any home or commercial business. In particular, Apollo never fails with the excellent quality of their Roma collection.


Apollo Roma Anthracite radiators feature the classic Roma design with a crisp grey-coloured finish. The Apollo Roma range can come in many different sizes to suit projects and aesthetics of all different requirements. 


Get the right Roma radiator for your design here at Trade Radiators.

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How Powerful Are Apollo Roma Anthracite Radiators?

The power of the Roma collection will vary depending on numerous factors – and this remains true for Anthracite radiators as it does their white, black, or more extravagantly coloured radiators.


Primarily, the column profile, the overall size, and the shape of the radiator will determine how powerful it is. The steel chassis of the Roma units also tend to heat up faster than traditional cast iron radiators.


The bigger your room, the larger Roma unit you’ll need to heat your space adequately. Radiator units that have more columns will generate more heat and are ideal for huge spaces in homes such as hallways or stairwells.


If you are unsure what kind of radiator you’ll need for your home, use our handy BTU heating calculator. It can help guide you to the right size radiator for your desired space.

What Sizes Do Apollo Roma Anthracite Radiators Come In?

For Apollo Roma Anthracite radiators, they come in a range of sizes, such as:


  • 400mm x 812mm
  • 600mm x 398mm
  • 600mm x 1410mm
  • 400mm x 1410mm

And many more. Browse now to find the ideal size for you. Remember that we offer Anthracite Apollo Roma radiators in 3-column, 2-column, 4-column, and 6-column profiles. If you need something different, then why not browse through our wide range of radiators?


Our Apollo Roma Anthracite Radiator Models

Here at Trade Radiators, we aim to stock a vast range of Apollo Anthracite radiators from the Roma collection, such as:


Apollo Roma 4 Column Horizontal Radiators (400mm x 812mm) – for rooms that need a little more power, the 4-column variant of a more standard size radiator is ideal!


Apollo Roma 2 Column Horizontal Radiators (400mm x 812mm) – for those spaces that are a bit tighter or a bit better insulated, we have the 2-column variant.

Trade Radiator’s Excellent Deals

We strive to make all of our customers as happy as they can be with their new purchases, and a big part of how we accomplish this is in the deals we offer.


Our price match policy, for example, keeps our prices competitive. If you find the same model of radiator for less from another retailer, then we’ll do our best to make up the difference. We don’t want our customers to miss out on savings!


And that isn’t all. We also offer free delivery on all the radiators we stock – so you don’t need to worry about the cost of getting your dream radiator.

Reach Out To Our Radiator Experts Now

Do you have questions for us regarding our services or products? Then have a chat with our radiator experts. They can help provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision on what radiator is right for you.



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