Apollo Roma Radiators

Apollo Classic Column radiators are inspired by a traditional radiator design to create a classy piece which complements any interior. These radiators are both stylish and powerful, creating an all-round radiator which is hard to beat in terms of efficiency and design. 

Customers love the variety of shapes and sizes on offer. Take a look at the current range of Apollo column radiators we have in stock, or browse our extensive range of radiators and see if the ideal radiator is here for you.

Do Apollo Roma column radiators heat a room easily? 

Apollo radiators are known as high heat generators. The Classic Apollo is no different generating high BTU outputs which heat your room quickly and efficiently. Apollo classic radiators come with 2, 3 and 4 columns. The panel nature of the radiator means that heat is generated twice as quickly as single panel radiators. This is ideal for larger rooms which can be tricky heat. 

What are Apollo Roma radiators made from?

These radiators are made from 1.5mm steel, which is the industry standard.

Do Apollo Roma column radiators have a good lifespan?

Apollo Classic column radiators are built to last. That is why all of these radiators come with a 15-year guarantee. Our commitment to our customers doesn’t just stop there. All of the Apollo Classic radiators come with fast and free delivery, ensuring we get your radiator to you as quickly as possible. 

How many columns can I choose from? 

You can choose from 2,3,4 and 6 column radiators. The higher the column number, the greater the BTU of the radiator will be. Although, you can find radiators with lower column numbers which also provide a strong BTU output.

If you don’t know the BTU of the room you need to place a radiator in, use our heating calculator.

What colours do Apollo column radiators come in?

Some of the most popular colours amongst customers include:

  • White
  • Black
  • Silver

You may also notice some products have a colour wheel beside them. This indicates that we can provide the radiator with a bespoke custom finish in any colour or finish you’d like.

Looking for something different? If you are interested in browsing a new size, finish or style, then you can click here to browse our full range of radiators.

What rooms can I have an Apollo column radiator in?

We have over 300 different models in stock, making it one of the most versatile ranges available at Trade Radiators. You’ll be able to find an Apollo column radiator for pretty much any room, as they make both horizontal and vertical radiators.

What heating system can these radiators be used on?

The Apollo Roma range is made for standard central heating systems. If you are looking for a similarly styled radiator that provides a plug-in heating solution, take a look at our range of electric column radiators.

Can I see more radiators like this elsewhere on site?

Like the idea of a column radiator? At Trade Radiators we have a large selection of column radiators from a variety of the best radiator brands on the market. 

What if I have a question about a particular radiator I’ve seen on this page?

We want customers to find the right radiator for any space. If you want more information about a certain product, or what accessories you might need in an order, please get in touch here, or click the chat icon on the right corner of the page and talk directly with one of the team.

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