Black Column Radiators

Black column radiators are becoming a popular choice in homes, office and hospitality spaces across the country. The matte finish and sleek contours from column radiators help give radiators some much-needed character.

If you’re looking for a black column radiator, Trade Radiators will have just what you need. With hundreds of models, styles, and sizes to choose from, get the right black column radiator for your space by shopping at Trade Radiators.

If you're looking for a different kind of radiator, then why not look through our wide selection of radiators? With many options to choose from, you can find the right fit for your room.

Can Black Column Radiators heat a room easily?

Column radiators will typically have some space between the front section and panels, making them great at increasing radiator productivity. If you have a small room that never seems to get up to temperature, it may be worth opting for aluminium black column radiators. Otherwise, any of the steel options you see here will work fine.

What shape do Black Column Radiators come in?

Trade Radiators aims to provide as much variety as possible when it comes to the shape and design of black column radiators. Our current range contains a mix of horizontal and vertical options, with horizontal being the most popular.

What brands sell Black Column Radiators?

The brands we have available will vary depending on what is in stock. If there were one brand we had to give credence to for creating stunning black column radiators, it would be Apollo and their Roma range. The attention to detail in any of their black column radiators, regardless of size, is something to admire.

Can I get a Black Column Radiator for my bedroom or living room?

The majority of our black column radiators are ideally suited for living rooms and bedroom. Living rooms can make the best use of 3 and 4 column models, while most bedroom would benefit from 2 column models, especially if the radiator has to sit close to a bed or under a window.

If you need help finding a suitable model, our Radiators By Room hub can help you shop for the most suitable radiators for your living room or bedroom.

Can I get a Black Column Radiator for my kitchen?

For most families, the kitchen is the busiest room in the home and one that requires heating the most. It is also typically a room where the radiator can feel like it is in the way, especially if you have a dining table against yours. When buying a black column radiator for a kitchen, we recommend looking at the width and column profile.

It is common for kitchens to allow for a slightly wider but thinner radiator. If that is the case with your kitchen, you will want to look at 2-column radiators.

What is the best Black Column Radiator for a hallway?

Hallways are often the loftiest space in the home, and you’ll tend to find you only have space for one radiator. If that’s the case in your home, why not opt for a 4 or 6-column radiator. Radiators with a higher column count will allow for a greater surface area to draw in cold air and heat a space more efficiently.

For anyone with a tall or wide hallway, you may be concerned that any new radiator won’t have the power to match heating requirements. To help avoid any confusion, we recommend using our heating calculator to correctly measure and understand what BTU rating your hallway has before purchasing a radiator that meets said requirements.

How can I get a cheap Black Column Radiator?

Working to a budget is easy when you shop at Trade Radiators. We have a wide selection of radiators available for less than £200, and frequently have column options from Apollo on offer. If there is a target budget you have in mind, you can use the filter menu on the left side of this page to see which products fall within.

We also recommend visiting our clearance section to check if any recent additions provide what you need at an unbeatable price. Alternatively, if you would like to look through our full range of radiators, you can click here.

Trade Radiators Price Match Promise

Trade Radiators aims to provide the best value possible when it comes to buying new radiators. This is why we are always clear with our pricing. It is also why we have a special price promise in place. Find the same make and model for any black column radiator from another UK retailer, and we will aim to match it. You can find more information here.

Helping you find the ideal new radiator

We know that a radiator isn’t an everyday purchase. You shouldn’t be expected to be a radiator expert. That’s what we are here for. To get better acquainted with radiators, take some time to visit our advice centre. It has articles which help to make buying a new radiator easier than ever.

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