Churchill Cast Iron Radiators

A unique design and radiator style that lends itself perfectly to small spaces. We are delighted to stock this fantastic range of Churchill cast iron radiators from Paladin.

Shop the range today and see if a radiator like this would make the perfect fit for your space, or explore our full range of radiators to find an alternative.

Who makes Churchill cast iron radiators?

These radiators are designed by Paladin, a UK based manufacturer who specialises in cast iron radiators. We love their design and attention to detail that comes from all their radiators.  

You can see all the different cast iron designs from the full Paladin range here.

We think the boxy nature of the Churchill radiators make for a unique and striking design.  All the radiators in the range are only 350mm high, which is great if you’re looking for a low radiator in rooms where space is at a premium, or you have a living room window that comes down lower to the ground than most.  

If you are searching for a radiator under your window, take a look at our range of bay window radiators.

Can Churchill cast iron radiators be painted?

These radiators are available with a primer undercoat.  Many customers like to have a custom paint colour on cast iron radiators to give them a unique look, but don’t have the means to paint it professionally.

If there’s a particular colour you’re dreaming of having on these radiators, we can colour match the radiator or give it an excellent finish with Farrow & Ball paint.

What finishes do Churchill cast iron radiators come in?

Those looking for that authentic old school look from their cast iron radiators are in for a treat. We have a range of finishes for Churchill radiators, including:

  • Bronze
  • Aged Gold
  • Copper
  • Natural Cast
  • Black

We also have antique-style finishes in copper, pewter and gold.

Can I get a polished Churchill Cast Iron radiator?

We can apply a polished finish to give radiators some shine and lustre.

Polished finishes include:

  • Industrial
  • Burnished
  • Hand Polished
  • Hand Mirror Polished

Which Churchill radiators are most popular?

Customers like the 350mm by 407mm 7 column – 6 section model with a BTU of 2388 helping it pack a punch in the heat department.  

The smaller than average height helps in rooms like the kitchen where radiators will usually be behind the dining table, and you might be looking for more space.

Churchill Cast Iron radiator for bedrooms

We think Churchill radiators are a great idea for box bedrooms, especially if you’re in the middle of redecorating and have an older convector radiator that has seen better days. 

Churchill Cast Iron radiator for bedrooms

Have trouble finding somewhere to hang coats in the hallway? The 350mm x 1527mm model can reach up to 9552BTU and won’t get in the way. If you’re in the middle of redecorating your hall, we recommend looking at our range of hallway radiators to help you see what styles might work best in your home.

Do I have to look after a Churchill cast iron radiator?

Most of the finishes on the radiators mean you’ll never have to do any intensive cleaning or maintenance. If you’re opting for a polished finish, we do recommend giving the radiator a quick wipe every once in a while to help keep the finish looking shiny.

Looking for a different size or style? You can view our wide variety of radiators here to find the right one for you.

How long does it take to get a Churchill cast iron radiator

If you’re getting a radiator without optional extras or coating, we aim to have the item out for delivery by the next working day. 

With radiators that require a custom finish, we try to get the item painted and ready within five working days, but it can sometimes take up to ten as we don’t send products out until we’re 100% satisfied with how they look.

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