Custom Colour Radiators

As much as we would love it to be true, not all radiators can easily fit into a space. You could completely redecorate a room, get a new radiator and stand back to see it might not look as perfect as imagined.  

Sometimes when this happens, it can be because the radiator colour you’ve got doesn’t match the interior or general design of the room. If you need a radiator to be vibrant and inject some personality, we can help.  

Trade Radiators can provide you with a custom colour radiator in several finishes. 

When Should You Choose a Custom Colour Radiator?

You would want a custom colour when you know you need your radiator to look different or blend in with the design of a room. 

We have a lot of customers with small businesses who request radiators are finished in a custom colour. We’ve painted every colour of the rainbow on cast iron radiators and had primer finishes for customers who already have a colour in mind. 

What Radiators Can Have a Custom Colour?

Cast iron radiators can be given a custom finish. Our range comes in various styles; from the antique and ornate look of the St. Paul and Montpelier radiators to the more minimalist and straightforward designs of the Pimlico and Clarendon radiators. 

Column Radiator Colours

Column radiator colours are just as varied as our other colour options for our other radiator types. Nobody wants a radiator that contrasts in an aesthetically unpleasing way, and radiator unit concealment can often look horrendous. It is often the case that people spend time completely redecorating a room, only to get a new radiator and stand back to realise it might not look as perfect as imagined. If your column radiator doesn’t match the interior or general design of the room, then it is time to consider your options to correct this. If you need a radiator to be vibrant and inject some personality into a living space, then we can help. As column radiators tend to be one of the most common radiator types owned by home and business owners alike, it stands to reason that we have extensive options for building a custom colour scheme for your column radiator.

Are Custom Colour Radiators Expensive? 

We paint custom radiators on request, so there is an added charge for us to source and professionally paint the radiators quickly.  

The price will differ depending on the size of the product. 

Can I Customise a Radiator Colour? 

If you already have the correct paint and want to do it yourself, we can put a primer on the radiator (either black or white) to help make it easier. 

Get Your Own Customised Radiator

If you’d like to know more about getting a custom colour radiator, or what radiators can be painted in the colour you like, get in touch with our team right now.  

We’ll help you find the right radiator in the style you want and let you know if it can be painted in a custom colour. 


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