DQ Ruvo Radiators

Trade Radiators have been stocking DQ radiators for a long time now. We have long touted the quality and care to detail they take with their radiators, and the new Ruvo range is another example of their incredible work.

This limited range of aluminium radiators comes in just two sizes and two colours; lending itself fantastically to anyone looking for a radiator they want to install in a contemporary space. 

Not only do the Ruvo radiators have a sleek and modern design, but these are some of the first responsibly sourced radiators we’re able to offer at Trade Radiators. Every DQ Ruvo radiator is made from 100% recycled aluminium. This not only assures it’s an ethical product for conscientious buyers, but it also works as a tremendous heater.

If you’re looking to match design with performance, this could be the radiator for you. If you're looking for a different option, why not browse our wide variety of radiators?

When should you choose a DQ Ruvo radiator? 

DQ Ruvo radiators work best in contemporary spaces or anywhere you have the room for showing off a high-quality designer vertical radiator. We think they look great in open-plan kitchens and dining rooms, or in space where you want a radiator hanging higher up the wall to create the illusion of more space.

Also, you wouldn’t notice until you’re up close, but the Ruvo design has a subtle concave shape on the panel, which gives it a striking look in a bright space. Have one of these installed on a wall that gets plenty of natural light throughout the day, and you have a radiator which looks as fantastic as it performs.

Are DQ Ruvo radiators low water content radiators?

Yes. The DQ Ruvo uses less water than a traditional radiator and leans on the performance power of the aluminium body to get a room heated just like any other radiator, but by expending less energy.

What size DQ Ruvo radiator should I get?

Right now these radiators come in two sizes:

  • 1800mm x 315mm
  • 1800mm x 635mm

While the height stays the same, the difference in width is great if you want a radiator hung on a kitchen wall where space is at a premium. 

Customers with open plan kitchens leading into dining rooms find the 315mm is a good fit when the wall between the two spaces is narrow.

If you have a limit on how much space you have you install a new radiator, you can always shop for radiator by size, where we have the most common dimensions used across the UK.

What finishes do DQ Ruvo radiators come in?

The finish on these radiators is so lovely that we feel they don’t need any special or additional work carried out.

The DQ Ruvo radiators we stock come in the following finishes:

  • Anthracite
  • White

For customers who have a different colour in mind for their ideal radiators, don’t forget you can always shop by colour and get custom painted radiators if you like. If you were looking for something with more of a shiny or brushed finish, the DQ Delta radiators we currently have are worth a look.

Do I need anything special for installation?

As with all the DQ radiators we have in stock, fittings are supplied in the box with the radiator. If you’re replacing an older radiator and feel the current valves and pipes in the unit have seen better days, don’t forget to check out our range of radiator accessories.

Do I need different valve for this radiator?

You may notice in some of the promotional images that the radiator doesn’t have visible pipes showing. This is because the Ruvo can take corner valves from pipes which come directly from the wall.

If you have pipes which appear from the wall, rather than the floor we recommend taking a look at our range of corner radiator valves, many have finishes which complement a DQ Ruvo radiator.

What heating system can the DQ Ruvo radiator be used on?

These radiators are made to be used with traditional central heating systems.

Looking for a designer radiator you can install in a new space, but don’t have pipes in the room? Take a look at our range of electric heating options, with similarly styled electric radiators from DQ available here.

Find the right radiator for your space

Have a room with a specific size or shape, and you’re not sure what radiator would look best?

You can always shop for radiators by room and see if a particular radiator works in your bathroom, kitchen, hallway or anywhere in the home. Alternatively, you can view the full range of radiators we have instead.